Pacquiao vs. Thurman: Betting odds favoring Pacquiao

Less than three weeks away from fight night, Manny Pacquiao is emerging out from his initial underdog status.

With July 20 world title showdown between Pacquiao and Keith Thurman only three weeks away, the sportsbooks have seen a lot of movement in recent days.

The odds have gotten closer, and some books are now favoring the fighting pride of the Philippines.

About a month ago, Thurman was originally favored at -135 and Pacquiao at -105.

On, a $105 bet on the Pacman will still win a hundred dollars, but Thurman’s odds are now at -115.

Reports of the Pacman’s condition and the growing number of bets placed on him have swayed the bookies.

Recently, Thurman said he was willing to bet $10,000 a round that he will knock out the Pacman in two rounds, giving Coach Freddie Roach some motivation to wage war.

With these trends, as more wagers are placed and more training camp reports come out, you can bet on more movement, and even the possiblity a unanimous shift favoring Pacquiao.

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