Pacquiao to Mayweather: Stop making excuses and “let’s get in the ring”

After Mayweather posted clips on Instagram of Pacquiao getting knocked out, the Filipino fighting congressman has responded.

On his Instagram page, Pacquiao posted a photo of his latest fight against Christ Algieri with a caption that seemingly addresses Mayweather.

It read: “Stop throwing punches on Instagram and let’s get in the ring! #TBE #TheBestExcuses”

Mayweather calls himself “TBE” which means “the best ever.”

A mega-fight has yet to be confirmed between the two champion boxers.

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  • De
    4 December 2014 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    Mayweather may call himself the, the best ever, now thats funny, it should stand for the best excute, that’s all mayweather is a big excuse, the wbo should never have never let him box after spending time in jail, mayweather is just a loud mouth punk who is scared of getting back in the ring with Paman, he know that he will lose that fight, hey mayweather either shout up and fight. Pacman, or go back under that rock and act like a little punk you are