Pacquiao says shoulder injury led to Mayweather loss

The so-called “Fight of the Century” is over and the people’s champ Manny Pacquiao has lost.

His camp has said that he went through the best training of his career but in the ring his skills fell short against Floyd Mayweather Jr. at least in the eyes of the judges.

And now Pacquiao says he lost because he wasn’t in prime shape.

Dyan Castilleo reports.

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  • JRB
    5 May 2015 at 8:24 am - Reply

    Manny your a poor loser, you look like the same Manny that always trying to knock-out the other boxer? But guess what your not that good after all in boxing? Look your lier about your injury look you lost to a class boxer name “MAYWEATHER THE REAL DEAL POUND FOR POUND BOXER IN THE WORLD.” Manny if you did your home work and study Mayweather how he wins most of his fights, he’s not like you only wants a knock-out and put points on his score card. Mayweather had teach you how to be a winner not a loser. Mayweather is one of he greatest that have step in the boxing ring. He just like a boxer in the 1960s name “ALI” one of the greatest that had step in the boxing ring, he would run and hold the other boxer and say he’s the greatest. The boxing fans has a new name for you “PACBUM.” Stop it the crying about why you lost? Look you lost to a better “BOXER” than you my friend and his name is “MAYWEATHR.” If Mayweather had fight you 5 years ago I think he would have beat you so bad and you wouldn’t have all that Millions of dollars in your bank account? Look you and your family should “THANK’ Mayeather that he waited 5 years to show the whole world that “HE IS The REAL TRUE DEAL POUND FOR POUND BOXER IN THE WORLD.”