Pacquiao returns home after victory fight, says Mayweather “should stay retired”

LOS ANGELES — The champ is gone. After spending the past month in the US, training, fighting, and winning, Manny Pacquiao and his family left Los Angeles for Manila on Wednesday morning, with matchmaker Sean Gibbons holding a special souvenir in a belt case.

But before he took off the Pacman knocked out an injury rumor while showing some compassion to those who ransacked his home while he was fighting.

A report came that the Pacman had suffered a detached retina, but he says he’s still healthy.

After his victory, he came home to find out his mansion had been burglarized.

No reports yet on who the suspects are, and he says the only thing missing is a small safe.

 “Ok naman wala naman implrtante mga gamit nga ano. Meron nothing important. Ang inportante lang ang maliit ng safety box. Maliit ng vault,” he said. I just pray and entrust to the Lord, but I’m not condemning them, I’m praying for them the Lord will touch their hearts and change their lives. Either I know them or not. I’m praying to the Lord that they will change their heart.”

As the eye healed and the police continued their investigation, the Pacman found some enjoyment watching the Golden State Warriors play against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The boxing champ even got to meet some of the NBA champions.

He also ran into another boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, but this time it wasn’t a surprise.

As far as exchanging punches with Mayweather, shortly after last weekend’s victory over Adrien Broner, Pacquiao said that he wants to continue to fight the best — even adding that, “if Floyd can no longer fight at my level, then of course he should stay retired.”

While the Pacman’s work is done in the athletic arena, the political arena awaits him when he gets back. The Philippine senate resumes on Monday.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    25 January 2019 at 1:35 am - Reply

    According to Dr. William Gener-Med Acob (UP Left Wing Activist) a critic of Tito Manny, it was really low that he allowed or just ignored TV Patrol to air some cheap shot-chicken shit Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) tax reminders… Acob questioned that Tito Manny is not the only Filipino who supposed to be paying taxes? Why do we single out this guy if he is the only Filipino who brings honor to the Philippines…

  • Mario
    25 January 2019 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    Manny Pacquiao should pay heavy taxes to BIR, but the only basis is the actual receipt, how much MP paid or will pay to IRS. Bob Arum of Top Rank, former IRS examiner, Harvard Lawyer, and Accountant can do all the impossible things. The news media says MP will get $20M, but the fight contract says,(example only) he only get $5M, that is his US income recorded and 35-45% Fed Taxes withheld, for that fight. This is also the basis by the BIR only $5M. Do you think MP will show how much 1099 he received from the promoter? He will just tell BIR, “This is Senator Pacquiao, I had or will discuss this matter with the Prez. don’t worry I will pay Taxes. This is boxing and politics….