Pacquiao resurrects music career with new fight song, video

LOS ANGELES – As Manny Pacquiao hits the trails and the gym to prepare his punching powers, speed, and stamina, he was also resurrecting his music career.

Ryan Moore, co-director and producer of the “Manny” documentary is now making a music video for the Pacman’s entrance music.

“It’s the song he just recorded in the Philippines,” Moore explained. “We’ve been shooting just training camp, behind the scenes stuff leading up to the Mayweather fight.”

The Pacman recorded the Lito Camo written tune recently before coming to the US.

“Lalaban ako para sa mga Pilipino, that is the title of this fight,” Pacquiao said.

Moore said the music video, which is a montage of clips shot during the Pacman’s training camp, is expected to be released before the May 2 mega-bout against Floyd Mayweather.

Moore recently released the documentary “Manny” earlier this year at US cinemas and online after showing it in the Philippines. With the mega-bout approaching, more countries will get a chance to see the movie.

“We’re still opening in other countries,” Moore said. “It did really well in the US. In the next month we’re releasing in France, Italy Japan, all over the world. So I couldn’t happier about it.”

The plans also include a second release in the Philippines.

Pacquiao recently revealed that he is retired from singing, but with the biggest fight of the century and a country pulling for him, now may be the time to come out of his short-lived retirement for at least one more track.

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