Pacquiao relieved Mayweather is open to rematch

LOS ANGELES – After entertaining humanitarian groups in his home Manny Pacquiao was open and happy about a potential sequel to the so-called fight of the century.

On Tuesday morning Floyd Mayweather texted ESPN anchor Stephen A. Smith that he is willing to have a rematch with the Pacman after his shoulder heals.

“Happy naman ako,” said Pacquiao. “Ok naman, siya sa rematch. First, fix ko lang balikat ko. Sabi ng doctor total 100 percent magaling kailangan pahinga four to six months.”

Despite the punch statistics, and the unanimous decision loss Pacquiao, as well as one of his biggest supporters, believe that he had won the fight.

“Panalo naman tayo,” said Pacquiao. “Kung tingin mo iyong fight talo lang tayo sa ink.”

“He won the fight,” said former governor of Illocos Sur Chavit Singson. “He only lost to the judges like what happened to Bradley.

While the team has said they won’t take away credit from Mayweather’s performance, many believe there could have been a difference if Pacquiao, known for his flurry of punches, had full use of his right hand on fight night.

He reiterated there was no injury before the fight and the anti-inflammatory injection which was rejected by the state athletic commission before the fight would have only numbed the shoulder in case of pain.

“Ang sa akin ko naman, kung sa bagay naka wala naman ng sakit ng balikat ko one week before the fight and na wala na, hindi ako malaban na may sakit. Sumakit talaga dun sa maiwasan natin sa matindi action ng 4th round.”

Pacquiao has delayed Wednesday’s return home to the Philippines for surgery to repair his torn rotator cuff at the Kerlan Jobe Clinic.



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  • JRB
    7 May 2015 at 9:05 am - Reply

    This rematch will never happen because of the sues that the PacBum is getting from the boxing fans. Look PacBum take the money and go home and don’t come back to America, I don’t think Americans don’t want to see a lier like you in America PacBum. See the Americans gave you a new name “PacBum” Not PacMen anymore. Don’t make shame of the Filipinos in America and around the world who had believe in you.