Pacquiao pushes for 8 rounds of sparring in Wild Card return

Back to business for the Pacman at the Wild Card gym —  after his morning run, Manny Pacquiao sparred for a sweaty 8 rounds on Tuesday afternoon at the Wild Card gym.

“He was a little tired and jet-lagged and all that but he still pushed through it. We were supposed to go 6 rounds of sparring, he went 8 we were supposed to go 4 rounds fighting he went 6 he just wants to push push push and go go go. He’ll be in shape in a couple days and get rid of the jetlag soon,” said trainer Freddie Roach.

Pacquiao arrived over the weekend to begin the US phase of his Los Angeles training camp against undefeated WBA champion Keith Thurman, but decided to sleep in on Monday as he continues to acclimate.

By spending 4 full training weeks before fight week, This will be one of the Pacman’s longest US Camps since he spent about two months for the 2015 mega-fight against Floyd Mayweather.

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