Pacquiao on Adrien Broner’s legal troubles: “We’ll pray for him”

LOS ANGELES — After a good night’s rest, Manny Pacquiao shadowboxed in the dark, getting his morning workout in before sunrise, and cheerfully meeting fans as he ate breakfast.

The Pac-Man woke up to news of his opponent’s Adrien Broner’s legal woes, which includes an arrest in Florida two days before Christmas.

Broner has been booked and released over his failure to appear in court for a 2017 traffic violation.

Last week he was sued by a jewelry company over unpaid jewelry worth over a million dollars.

“He can handle it, the problem,” Pacquiao says. “We’ll pray for him. This is boxing, this is entertainment, we have to do our job in the ring — but outside the ring, we should be compassionate and be friendly and help others.”

As Broner goes through this next legal process, the Fighting Senator is hoping to be a good influence on the 29-year-old four-time champion, who has faced several misdemeanor charges — which include assault, robbery, and sexual assault throughout the years. Many of those charges were eventually dismissed.

“Beside our match on January 19 of course, in my heart my desire is to have conversation with him after the fight and we can share with him the real life and the word of God. I want to share the good news the word of God.”

Broner has not publicly spoken about this latest episode.

Days after the arrests, which TMZ first reported on Wednesday, he was showing some off his Christmas family time and some of his training.

Despite Broner’s legal history, he’s never been convicted of a serious crime, and his fights have never been affected because of the issues.

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