Pacquiao family upset w/ Mayweather fighting style, wants Pacman to retire

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Boxing fans around the world are still trying to grasp that the much anticipated fight between undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr. and eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao is finally over.

But Mayweather’s unanimous decision victory is not sitting well with a lot of fans, especially Pacquiao’s mother Dionisia.

“We’re upset, mad at the decision,” said Mommy D as she is commonly referred. “As a mother, I felt like it wasn’t a good decision. Both of them didn’t fall so why did he lose? I think as a mother I could see Manny give a lot of hits and punches to Mayweather. Myself and all of the Philippines believe Manny should have won. He is the champion of the Philippines but not here in the US. There were a lot of Filipinos and non-Filipinos, even white Americans, said Manny should have won. If they didn’t want him to win, it should have been a tie.”

Mommy D says that even though Pacquiao did not come out as the winner of the fight, he still remains the people’s champion.

“My son lost in the ring,” said Mommy D. “They made him lose in the ring but a lot of his fans, not only his Filipinos fans but his fans here are saying that in our hearts you’re still our champion.” “Manny! Manny! You’re still a champion!”

Even Pacquiao’s daughters said they did not enjoy the fight but are glad that their father was not seriously hurt.

“When Mayweather was cornered, he [Mayweather] keeps on hugging and hugging and hugging,” said Princess Pacquiao.

“At least, daddy tried his best to win,” said Queenie Pacquiao He’s not doing this for us naman. He’s doing this for the Lord. Daddy has one scar but it’s okay that he got hurt because that was just a little scratch. At least it’s not big”

The Pacquiao family, along with many disgruntled fight fans on social media, was unsatisfied with Mayweather fighting style.

“I know Mayweather’s camp will not allow him to be defeated, that’s their attitude,” said Mommy D. “There’s no sportsmanship in boxing. What Mayweather did was to run away, he was like a mouse saying come and get me.”

Mommy D also notes that coach Freddie Roach joins her in hoping for Manny to retire soon from boxing.

With reports from Dyan Castillejo and Steve Angeles of ABS-CBN News.


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  • JRB
    5 May 2015 at 8:53 am - Reply

    Hey people stop the crying? Look all of you knew what kind of Boxer Mayweather was he win a boxing match without any action at all, look he’s one of the greatest that have step into a boxing ring like a boxer name “ALI” Look back in the 1960s ALI would hold the other boxer and say he is greatest and would run around the ring and would win the fight on points. Look Manny you should have did your homework good about Mayweather? Than you wouldn’t be crying oh I had a injury that was why I couldn’t punch good? Manny face it you lost to a boxer that has more class in the fight ring than you and his name is Mayweather. About having another fight with Mayweather “FORGET IT.” I think you made “ASS OF YOURSELF ALREADY.” You and your family and all the Filipinos should thank Mayweather because if had fought you 5 years ago and beat you you wouldn’t have all the Millions of money in the bank. If I was you go home and enjoy your money, oh have you heard what the people in America call you “PACBUM.” This is what happens when you say about your “Injury.” That why you lost the fight. If you said that I lost to a better boxer on Saturday at the MGM, they wouldn’t call you “PACBUM.”