Pacquiao begins training camp for Mayweather match

LOS ANGELES – The cold wet weather couldn’t stop Manny Pacquiao from kicking off training camp for his mega bout with Floyd Mayweather.

“Very good very good. Feeling good,” said the fighting congressman as he wrapped up his first morning session.

The Pacman hit the pavement just after 6am for a three-mile morning jog from his Hancock Park mansion to Pan Pacific Park. He wrapped up the workout with some shadow boxing and ab workouts after.

Pacquiao will be doing his first week of the nine-week training camp with strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune, who says both he and the Wild Card Gyms will be on a strict lockdown.

“Just focused to the training. Serious training but not that heavy. Gradual lang, step by step,” Pacquiao said about his first day.

“It’s important that they leave him the hell alone because it’s such an important fight and Freddie has a game plan and that’s what it’ll be,” explained Fortune.

The main focus of the first week of training camp will be strength and conditioning. The Pacman is expected to begin his work with Coach Freddie roach next week. Roach is currently training Zou Shiming in Macau for this weekend’s title match.

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  • JRB
    4 March 2015 at 8:51 pm - Reply

    Manny if I was you try to learn how in the hell you going into the body to knock-out Mayweather? Because Mayweather has a long reach and will tee off on you when you try to go in? And Mayweather will score and score points because of his reach. In the end you will lose the fight Mayweather out pointing you Manny? Sorry Manny I like you as a good boxer but you will be out class by Mayweather. Good Luck My Friend this will be your last fight. Oh maybe there will be a second fight?