Pacquiao apologizes for anti-LGBT remark


MANILA – After his controversial remarks on same-sex marriage drew strong condemnation, boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao on Tuesday apologized for saying couples in same-sex marriages are worse than animals.

The boxer, who is running for senator, made the comparison in an interview with TV5.

“Common sense lang. Makakita ka ba ng any animals na lalaki sa lalaki o babae sa babae? Mas mabuti pa ‘yung hayop. Marunong kumikilala, kung lalaki o lalaki, babae babae. Ngayon kung lalaki sa lalaki, babae sa babae, mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao,” the boxer had said.

This drew hash reactions from several personalities, including blogger Perez Hilton and local celebrities Vice Ganda Aiza Seguerra.

Hilton said Pacquiao’s comment is “horrific and damaging,” while Seguerra said the fighting congressman is an “ignorant, bigoted hypocrite.” TV host and comedian Vice Ganda, for his part, said he won’t vote for Pacquiao.

This forced Pacquiao to issue an apology through a video posted on his Facebook page.

“Ako po ay humihingi ng paumanhin sa lahat ng mga nasaktan dahil sa aking pagkumpara ng tao sa hayop. ‘Yun po ay kamalian ko at ako po ay humihingi ng paumanhin sa lahat ng nasaktan,” he said.

But the former world champion, who figured in a similar controversy back in 2012, said he maintains his stand against same-sex marriage.

“Hindi po nagbabago ang aking desisyon na against po ako sa same-sex marriage at iyan po ang paniniwala ko,” said Pacquiao. “Ang pagkakamali ko lang po ay ikinumpara ko ang tao sa hayop.”

“I am humbling myself before you and before God.”


This is not the first time Pacquiao had to apologize for his views on homosexuality.

In 2012, Pacquiao was asked about his views on the subject and Examiner writer Granville Ampong quoted the boxer but used a verse in Leviticus: “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

While Pacquiao denied giving the exact quote and Ampong admitted to inserting the controversial verse into his story, the boxer nonetheless apologized, saying he was not against gay people.

“To the gay community, I apologize,” Pacquiao said on the show “Extra,” as quoted by the Los Angeles Times. “I’m against same-sex marriage, but I’m not condemning you. My favorite verse is ‘Love one another as you love yourself. Love your neighbor.’ So I love everybody!”

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  • Enigma
    17 February 2016 at 11:15 am - Reply

    Famine and starvation will plague the land along with disease. The Earth will shift on its axis causing cataclysmic earthquakes and tectonic plate subduction, and the Earth’s gravitational pull will forever be increased .He will shake this world, and when He’s done, you will damn sure know Who did it.

    LGBT might equal dignity under mans law, but they will never get equal dignity under Gods law. And Gods law is the only law that truly counts. I feel as if the hedge of protection from the hand of God Almighty is being lifted from the world. We’re a hedonistic society that He will not bless. Until as a nation we turn from our wickedness we can’t expect anything but a curse to fall on our land.

    Remember when sexual anarchists told us , all they wanted was to be left alone to do whatever it is they do in their bedrooms? Remember when they claimed that their private actions would have no affect on the culture?

    Initially their claims seemed believable because all they asked was that society tolerate (i.e., put up with) their private sexual peccadillos. Then they asked for approval of them. Then they demanded celebration and began marching down Main Street in costumes that should have stayed in their closets in their bedrooms.

    Then they transmogrified non-marital unions into unions legally recognized as “marriage.”

    Then couples whose erotic activities are inherently non-reproductive started acquiring children—acquisitions that they view as “rights.” They even demanded that laws be changed so that they could acquire children and that any organization that believes children have a right to a mother and father be shut down.

    They then went for citizens’ right to assemble by going after the sane people.

    Then they came into our public schools, including our elementary schools, to introduce malleable minds and kind hearts to positive images of a phenomenon that God abhors, teaching children that Leftist moral beliefs are facts and conservative moral beliefs are hatred.

    Then they fought to compel people of faith to violate their commitments to God by using their God-given gifts in the service of celebrations that God abhors.

    And now they seek a linguistic revolution. They’re coming for our pronouns. No stone unturned, no aspect of life untouched by the sullied hand of pagan sexuality unrestrained.

    The movement to normalize homoeroticism and gender confusion is the most pressing issue of the day. Leaders in the church, leaders in academia, and leaders in government who don’t understand this or who don’t want to address it need to get out of the way and let those who do lead.

    • Kenikeni
      17 February 2016 at 1:07 pm - Reply

      Ohh fuck you!!! Kiss my ass you homophobic asshole!!