Overseas absentee voters rush to polling places to cast ballots

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Time is running out for overseas absentee voters to cast their ballots. That’s why registered OAVs who did not receive their ballots are rushing to their designated polling places to make to make their voices heard via replacement ballots or provisional ballots.

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  • Mario
    7 May 2016 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    PH survey, DUTERTE and MARCOS JR leading on a wide margin. 600,000 Duterte supporters attended the rally at Luneta park,you can see that at youtube. According from the bloggers, Roxas offer Poe to merge together, but POE said “no way”.This is the worse mistake of PNOY supporting POE, on the last lap of the race, a sign of desperations. PNOY focused his campaign against MARCOS JR,PNOY had forgotten elected VP has no power.The biggest threat on PNOY after his Presidency is the GMA supporters who are still in the Government, while Marcos boys are all retired gone from the Government.Right now there is a merging of Law offices between Duterte’s daugther/son in law and GMA relatives/ally’s, including Enrile former law partners.The Message is; they will go after ROXAS, knowing all the secrets of PNOY and Roxas will spill the beans,like the 5 mining Company’s, he will admit that he is just a dummy of PNOY and might bargain to be a Gov’t witness in order to save his future.