Overseas absentee ballot submissions back on track

After a setback in rolling out the overseas ballot packets due to COMELEC’s postal funding delay – the overseas absentee voting is back on track.

With only 13 days left before the May 13th Philippine midterm elections, overseas absentee voter Lister Fernandez says he is not taking chances.

Instead of mailing back his and his wife’s ballots — he decided to personally hand them over to the Philippine consulate general in New York.

Fernandez says his vote could make a difference in making sure the senators he voted for will support the move towards a federalism form of government in the Philippines.

Ballots received at the front desk will make their way to this designated polling place manned by 3 deputized special board of election inspectors, or SBEIs.

Where ballots are fed into these vote counting machine or VCMs.

Each of these boxes represent one precinct.

Consul Arman Talbo says, 99 percent of the 42,000 ballot packets have been mailed out beginning on the week of April 13, with only minor glitches.

Talbo says to make sure VCMs are able to read each ballot, make sure ballots are not folded or crumpled, and each circle is fully shaded with black ink, also make sure the envelope is sealed with the included COMELEC seal.

Even with the slight delay in the ballot rollout – Talbo says the absolute deadline to make your vote count remains on May 13 at 6 AM. Otherwise, your ballot will not be counted.

The Philippine consulate in New York and most other consulates are open daily including weekends from 10 am to 5 pm to receive ballots until election day.

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