Over half of Americans blame Trump and Republicans for ongoing government shutdown

President Trump reiterated to reporters that he has rejected a proposal from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to reopen closed parts of the government for three weeks.

Graham said if talks between parties fail during that period, then Trump could go ahead and declare a national emergency to bypass Congress and get funding for his border wall.

Trump kicked off day 24 of the shutdown by blaming the Democrats, tweeting that he’s been waiting all weekend for them to get to work.

But a new poll showed that Trump is the one getting blamed for the shutdown that’s left hundreds of thousands of federal workers on furlough or working without pay, and dozens of federal departments and agencies closed.

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Sunday, over half of Americans — 53 percent — said Trump and the Republican Party should be blamed for the shutdown, while only 29 percent blame the Democratic lawmakers.

When it comes to the reason for the shutdown — the border wall — 47 percent think it’s a serious problem, but not an outright crisis. Only 24 agree that the border crisis is as bad as Trump makes it out to be.

Meanwhile, as affected federal workers continue to struggle making ends meet, aviation employees are warning government officials that the shutdown could actually mean risks to transportation safety.

Miami International Airport closed one of its concourses recently after workers called in sick at twice the normal rate. Houston’s George Bush international airport closed a terminal due to what the airport called “staffing issues”.

At Baltimore-Washington national airport, aviation workers are getting overwhelmed with work.

It seems the stalemate between trump and the Democrats on the shutdown will likely drag. There are currently no meetings scheduled and no new proposals being traded on the issue.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    16 January 2019 at 1:37 am - Reply

    OVER HALF OF AMERICANS BLAME TRUMP AND REPUBLICANS FOR ONGOING GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN-That’s probably true to some misguided tweegits, commonly called Democrats.

    According to Investors Business Daily (2018), the Democrats are now the party of open borders. In the past, they seemed to be tough on immigration but they changed and began fighting for amnesty of illegal immigrants in the U.S. Furthermore, Democrats wants free health care or Medicare to illegal immigrants, this is where they want to spend your 5-Billion dollars budget…

    According to Schwarts (2018) from Fox News, Democrats are fighting for illegal immigrants (future democrats), and President Trump is fighting for Americans.

  • Mario
    17 January 2019 at 6:46 am - Reply

    Democrat Pelosi policy is Party first, before Country. Now 9 Democrats are breaking down, their main concern is the safety of the country, Pelosi is losing control. 800K Feds worker affected from the shutdown are getting backpay, 380K are NON ESSENTIAL Feds employees, this are political appointees by the past Administration, they are well paid, with all the benefits and will get a permanent status once someone will retire. 400K, Feds workers missed their first pay check, no compromised yet on the $5.7B Border Wall. Congressman,Senators take home pay is $174K/yr, Pelosi as Speaker salary is $ 223,500/yr and Trump receives $400/yr salary but has been donating his pay to charities since the start of his Presidency.Democrat policy on OPEN Borders will not win votes, new Caravan, left Hunduras now in Guatemala, join by another caravan are arriving soon.
    Pelosi said the wall is IMMORAL, if you don’t love your country it is immoral.