Outrage over United Airlines seating policies continues

Continued public outrage in the latest United Airlines incident, this time involving Shirley Yamauchi, a mother from Hawaii, who was made to give up the nearly $1,000 seat she purchased for her 27-month-old son Tai-Zo.
BA spoke to Yamauchi directly, and has confirmed that Taizo is of Filipino descent via his father.

On June 28, Yamauchi and Taizo were both seated during a stopover in Houston for a flight from Hawaii to Boston, when a passenger traveling on standby arrived with a ticket for Taizo’s seat.

Yamauchi was forced to hold her 25 pound son in her lap for the 3 hour flight, which she says caused her to lose sensation in her limbs.

Yamauchi’s husband, Fil-Am Brad Cailing, expressed outrage for his family — which was circulated via Facebook.

United’s policy requires children two years and older to have a purchased ticket and occupy a seat, and that passengers already seated on the plane not give up their seat involuntarily.

United has since apologized for the incident, and has both refunded Yamauchi for the ticket and offered her additional compensation.

The couple is now speaking to a lawyer to explore their legal options.

Meanwhile, the incident sparked a new round of calls from netizens to boycott United Airlines, as it is the latest in a string of incidents involving passenger’s seats within the past year.

Back in March, a Fil-Am family expressed outrage over their grandmother being bumped off her business class seat.

In April, the now infamous video of Vietnamese-American Doctor David Dao being dragged off a United flight for refusing to give up his purchased seat on an overbooked flight.

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