Orange County Filipino Chamber of Commerce focuses on health and fitness

GARDEN GROVE, CA — An annual tradition for the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County, as it held its ninth annual “Go Green Expo.”

This year’s theme is fitness.

“We don’t have the greatest diet, we have diabetes, heart disease, we got gout, things of that nature,” said president-elect Neil Estrada. “So what we’re trying to do is really create some awareness, teach you how to be healthier, and hopefully you can meet some vendors that’ll help you out as well.”

Helping spread the message are many Fil-Am community members who shared their own health journeys.

“When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, it’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle,” said Missy Mendoza, a beauty pageant contestant.

Adding to the testimonies, and some fitness activities, the day-long expo showcased products, food, and new technologies; many owned and operated by Filipino American small businesses.

“We just want to show people they can get healthy in different ways, some people do it through diet, some do exercise, and some people do supplements, and some do all three,” said Estrada. “If we can show you a different way, something you might not already know you might be learning something at the Expo, then hey great.”

Part of the Expo also includes healthy business practices, with the chamber hosting workshops on health entrepreneurship, and giving Filipinos a chance to be part of the fast-growing industry — which in 2016 is worth $3.72 trillion dollars globally, according the Global Wellness Institute.

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