Ontario, Canada under state of emergency to address coronavirus crisis

CANADA — No more gatherings of more than 50 people, and bars and restaurants across the province of Ontario have been closed.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said the decision was not made lightly, but the province is doing whatever it takes to help the healthcare sector stop the spread of COVID 19 — including declaring a state of emergency to free up funds.

“We are taking this extraordinary measure because we must offer our full support and every power possible to help our health care sector fight the spread of COVID-19. The health and wellbeing of every Ontarian must be our number one priority,” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The province and the Toronto Public Health earlier took pro-active measures in preventing the spread of the virus, by ordering public schools to close until April 5th — including the cancellation of March spring break camps and the closure of all licensed childcare centers.

School boards and some businesses are gearing up for what’s to come when classes resume.

“We do have a school board pandemic emergency plan.  We do have that in place all we have to do is ensure that it’s being implemented properly like the availability of soap and hand sanitizers. The measures are already there, we just make sure that there will be enough supply,” said Garry Tanuan.

“We’re going to do makeup classes for the duration of the classes they have missed and hopefully in 2 weeks all of these will subside a little bit and parents and children will be ready to come back,” said Liza Salvador.

Meanwhile, grocery shelves are running out of some household supplies as people continue to stock up on essentials.

Malls are fairly empty — with most people opting to stay home.

There are more than 400 cases of COVID19 across Canada as of today, with about half of them in the province of Ontario.

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