Online poker is a hit in Las Vegas

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Online poker gaming has been a trend ever since it was legalized in Nevada this year in February.

It did not only generate extra revenue for sin city ever since the first legal “real-money” poker site debuted in April, but it has become a trending game for poker enthusiasts.

“Online poker gaming, you put in money that you can afford when you actually can’t do that there is a minimum on the online you only get the minimum you can take out,” said Sheena Sta. Ana, an online poker player.

The ease and suitability of just staying home and playing online is an attraction of convenience. Some players said that it is costly and they would rather play an actual live table.

“I prefer live games when you reach the amount you want to take back you can walk out or cash out right away on hand,” said Sta. Ana.

US congresswoman Dina Titus was among members of Congress to approved the bill for online gaming.

“I support online poker. I was a co-sponsor of that bill and I hope we can get it through this time. I think it’s better to do that at a federal than state by state. In the meantime, Nevada has done it so you can do it within the state. But all of that boost our economy at a time when we need it,” Titus said.

Experts say legalizing online gaming in the US will keep US dollars in the US as there are an estimated 1700 offshore betting sites garnering 4-6 billion dollars in online revenue.

A kababayan who has been working in Las Vegas as a poker dealer for 7 years said that with the tremendous growth of online poker gaming, he has seen a slight decrease in his income, as he relies on gaming tips.

“What I notice is, only those players who don’t play before–because they are far from the casino they cannot come here, so they will be back–gaming only people that come here to play if they are addicted to the game because it is really addicting to be honest with you. I do play it in another casinos,” said the Pinoy poker dealer.

He said that even though online gaming is a new fangled game to players, tourists continue to play live poker at the casino tables as they want to experience the real feel of a live poker game in a Las Vegas Casino.

“Especially the old people, they don’t know computer they don’t even know how to touch the key word which one is the ‘c’ the ‘b’ which one is the ‘a’, where is the number? Poker gaming will stay as far as I can see. Online gaming will grow big and big and big mostly for the younger people,” he added.

Meanwhile, research studies say that 27 percent of online gaming players are problem gamblers. States such as Nevada and New Jersey have come up with their own regulations regarding online gambling. These regulations will address minimizing gambling problem and promote responsible gaming.

Responsible gaming advocates said that to prevent underage gambling, one issue is making sure minors are not accessing online gambling on their parents’ computers.

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  • jorge buesa
    8 September 2013 at 8:38 am - Reply

    One thing people can’t understand is gambling at home, will take your life away other things you can do on the old side world ? Yes 27 percent online gaming players are problem gamblers and what about your family that you don’t spend time with them and only on the computer playing poker ?

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    21 November 2013 at 11:54 pm - Reply

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