Ongoing volcanic activity, earthquakes causing years-long damages to Big Island

BIG ISLAND — This stream of hot lava carving the southeastern part of the Big Island will likely continue devastating the land and frustrating residents for months and even possibly for years, according to authorities.

This is based on the Hawaiian volcano observatory’s preliminary analysis of Kilauea volcanic eruption that began on May 3rd.

The geologists also said the eruption could threaten new communities because the direction of the lava flow could change.

Kilauea’s eruption already destroyed 712 homes, displacing thousands of residents, and buried a school and a park in the Pahoa area.

In the past 24 hours, the slow-moving lava from fissure 8 is threatening a popular and beloved beach park and boat ramp.

The report, geologists say, is to help county officials to prepare for more possible threats. The report focused on threats to areas north of the lava flow because they have not been evacuated.

Meanwhile, residents were once again jolted this morning with another 5.5 magnitude earthquake.

This weekend, similar magnitude earthquakes caused cracks to another highway. officials warn motorists to be aware of unstable areas on highway 11.

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