One-on-one with Coach Erik Spoelstra

It’s been almost 11 years since being appointed head coach, and 24 years overall with the Miami Heat organization.

Since then, Coach Erik Spoelstra helped the Heat win three championships, two as head coach, and as well help groom one of the brightest stars that the game has ever seen.

Pundits say Fil-Am Erik Spoelstra is on his way to the hall of fame, and winning his 500th career game this season is a testament to that as he joins an elite group of only 32 coaches who have done that and he is only one of 7 who have won 500 games with a winning percentage of 60%.

But his focus is on this year and he hopes his team could make a run to the playoffs, amidst all the challenges and injuries, things are looking up.

BA’s TJ Manotoc chats with Coach Spoelstra about the Miami Heat season, and all-star players including future hall-of-famer Dwayne Wade.

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