How a once poor Pinay became a millionaire in U.S.

By Connie Macatula-De Leon, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 4, 2014

PLANO, Ill. – Twenty dollars was all Mila Ferrer had when she migrated to America 40 years ago.

A native of Alcala, Pangasinan, 60-year-old Ferrer did not have an easy life. She was a poor orphan who struggled with four other siblings. Ferrer promised herself that when she would have a family of her own, they would not suffer like she did.

“I will never have my kids go through the life I went through as a kid,” she said.

Now living in a foreign land, Ferrer was just fresh out of college, spoke little English and was broke, but this did not bring her down.

After 17 job interviews, she was still jobless and lived in a mobile home. She knew she had to find a way to survive and ended up cleaning houses for a living.

“I learned how to make my own money,” Ferrer recalled. “I was cleaning houses, working in the bank, doing real estate, working as personal assistant to doctors, and being a mom.”

She finally landed a job where she could reach her full potential. She was hired as a clerk for a financial company. As she moved from one banking institution to another, she was eventually promoted as a loan manager.

“You have to find a mentor. If you want to grow your money, you’ll be able to make it. There are ways to make money here. Don’t give up,” she said.

A single mom to five children, she says America is a land of opportunities.

“I don’t believe that you can be poor in America. If you want to work hard, there is work,” she said.

At age 40, Mila’s hard work has paid off. She now owns 52 properties in America. She bought one of the houses she used to clean and now lives on a three-acre lot with a 6,000 square-foot house.

She is now worth millions and works as a regional vice-president for an international investment company.

The secrets to her success are hard work and passion.

“If you love what you do, what is retirement? I love what I do; I help people. I can do this wherever I go,” she said.

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  • noz
    4 June 2014 at 9:38 pm - Reply

    obozo and the bozo democRATS should learn the struggles to survive of this hard working woman, that there is no such thing as poor in america. the poor these democRATS claimed were created by them alone for their immoral political gain. these commie socialist political clowns have used and abused the words poor and racist, to push their far out lefty agendas of buying the votes with welfares/freebies given to citizens born lazies, and the others used to be hard workers were molded by the democRATS to become lazies. despite all the scandals of incompetence of obozo, the lazy bunch labeled as poor of america remain obozo’s slobberers, turn him and his wonky donkey party to be their nanny of a lifetime. of course, anybody without source of income will be in the poorhouse. jobs, entrepreneurship, god given talents are sources of income. for humans to be just bloodsuckers of other people’s hard earned dollars is like the living dead, without purpose on earth. millions of these unproductive lazies were victimized by obozo. you all would think buying votes only happens in corrupt countries like the PH, the way obozo and the bozo demcRATS have bag these obozo slobberers are no different comparing the paying off of voters in the PH. welfares and freebies definitely are needed for those citizens sick in mind and body, the rest MUST work for a living in order not to be poor period.

  • noz
    4 June 2014 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    i beg to disagree with the word dirt inserted in the heading of the story. why? it does not mean a poor person is dirty. there are tons of rich people in this world who are dirty with personal poor hygiene. dirty has nothing to do with being poor or rich, practicing good personal hygiene to be clean is within the person itself. you all can be in any part of the USA early in the morning in a crowded mass transits, 99.9% there will be someone with serious body odor, so just imagine by the time these people with bad body odor go home in the evening among crowded trains or busses, their body odors have multiplied in strength at the end of the day. people of the PH generally are conscious of being clean, offensive body odors or just plain looking dirty are look upon among the filipino society anywhere in the world as disgusting, prefer to get away of the unpleasant situation. americans tend to be tolerant of smelly situations, find them to be trivial. the caption with inclusion of the word dirty is a conjecture.

  • JRB
    30 June 2014 at 8:25 am - Reply

    Good story about a Filipino person that came to America broke and 40 years after she is a Millionaire now? It sounds good, I have a friend that came here from Philippines broke when his age was 19 years old and now he is a Millionaire and he is 54 years old. Only one thing he is in the FDC for a year because for income tax evasion and illegal structuring of a currency transaction. So look out if you want be a Millionaire in America don’t forget to pay your taxes to the U.S. Government. This is not like Philippines you can do what you like and get away with it if you have money like the three Senators that steal from the poor Filipinos and trying to get out of it?