On May Day, these Filipinos prepared for undocumented elderly man’s regular check-in with ICE.

LOS ANGELES — Today is May Day, a day for immigrants rights activists take to the streets to raise awareness and call for immigration reform.

And as marchers take to the streets to call for immigrant rights on May 1st, the struggles are day to day within the communities.

Community dialogue at this monthly kwentuhan has helped give “Mang Eddie” a fighting chance, as he tries to fix his immigration problems.

Over a decade ago, Mang Eddie was misled by a notario into applying for asylum — which has put him into deportation proceedings for the past 5 years.

The elderly father of four has managed to get temporary reprieves as he battles some health issues.

However, he fears that when he goes in for his next immigration check-in, he may be detained.

“Pag ka na refuse ka, ikukulong ka hindi ka naman dedeport ka agad, ilagay ka sa jail, so mas mahirap ang labanan kung an dun na so Bakit hindi pa natin ipasok natin, iatrassin natin mas makroon sila consensia na konti dahil kailangan mo mag pa opera, kung na uwi ka, it’s practically giving a death sentence to you because you work all your life here,” said Myrna Baldonado, Pilipino Workers Center.

Since he told his friends about his immigration issues, activists have since stood by his side, accompanying him to his most recent immigration check-in visit.

“There is a community sa likuran mo vina vouch ka. May isang group ng tao, may community, aye ka pa Alisin.”

The number of Filipinos being deported has increased.

According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s most recent immigration enforcement actions report, 217 Filipinos were deported in 2018 — up from 182 the previous fiscal year.

With the fear of being added to the growing list, advocates are now coming up with their plans for Mang Eddie’s next check-in scheduled for later this month.

“At least we are prepared yung na na lang hindi ko alam kung ano talaga ma ng Yari hopefully wag na man.”

“We’re gathering support letters, from PWC’s mga partners at tsaka constituent elected officials na open sa mag Ganito letter of support.”

And as some of his friends take the streets on May Day, Mang Eddie is just one of many, people they are fighting for.

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    2 May 2019 at 1:33 am - Reply

    You have been here all your life knowing that your immigration status is questionable, you did not do ANYTHING says Bro. Maynard Agbayani (San Jose),