On Labor Day, San Francisco Marriott employees push for better wages

SAN FRANCISCO — These are just some of the people who were arrested after protesting for better pay from Marriott hotels.

According to San Francisco police, an estimated 75 protesters were arrested for blocking traffic on Powell Street.

Marriott employees — which include cleaners, dishwashers, bellmen — argue they are not making enough due to the rising cost of living in San Francisco.

“It’s enough to afford my rent and to pay bills and the Marriott is the biggest and richest hotel company,” said Tammy Tam. “They can afford for one job to be enough.”

Workers marched throughout downtown San Francisco on Labor Day — passing through some of the seven hotels owned and operated by Marriott.

The contract for about eight-thousand Marriott hospitality workers expired two weeks ago and according to the union — negotiations are stalled on various issues, especially wages.

“I can only imagine the parents who have kids to take care of. They don’t even have enough time to see their families. And for me even though I only have one job right now, it feels like I’m working multiple jobs because I’m working so much overtime right now, and that’s not an ideal way to live a life.”

A spokesperson from Marriott released this statement to the media — thanking their employees, respecting their right to voice their opinion, and ensures they will work with the unions to create the best outcomes for workers and guests.

Meanwhile, workers are planning to walk off the job and strike later this month.

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