On her 25th birthday, fans welcome Miss Universe Catriona Gray in the Big Apple

NEW YORK — Fil-Am fans welcome the new Miss Universe Catriona Gray in the Big Apple, with a birthday surprise at the upscale Mondrian Park Avenue on her first day of work.

The Filipina beauty queen says a day after she turned 25 years old — her new title as queen of the universe is finally sinking in.

“I had a very quiet celebration with my parents in the Philippines, so I kinda forgot that I was Miss Universe but now with all the media, and saying over and over, I’m miss universe 2018, parang nagsisink-in na siya!”

Her eloquence and confidence shine through in all the morning talk shows.

Catriona was 5 years old when she won her first pageant for girls in Australia back in 1999. Some say she was destined to become a beauty queen, but the path to queendom was not paved.

In 2016, losing the Miss World crown could have discouraged her from even attempting to vie for an even bigger crown.

But in the end, she persisted, thanks to a certain song that encapsulated her feelings at that very moment in her journey to the crown.

Her advice for future beauty queens on what would it take to win the crown?

“Preparedness, staying true to what you believe in, or what makes you happy and then just go for it, dream and go get your dream.”

It’s just day one of her press week and she is off to a great start. Catriona says she is already excited for what the rest of the week would bring.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    10 January 2019 at 1:09 am - Reply

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