On #GivingTuesday, former orphans celebrate hope in Montana

BOZEMAN, MT — Today is giving Tuesday; a day amid the holiday shopping season where people try to donate to causes. Steve Angeles explores one cause in Bozeman, Montana that is giving Philippine orphans a bright future.

For one night, Bozeman shines bright as a symbol of hope at a local church, as a handful of the town’s Filipinos celebrate their lives and dreams.

For nearly 30 years, Sacred Portion Children’s outreach has helped orphans in need from around the world.

The non-profit was started by Craig and Jan Druckenmiller, who had adopted several international children, including a daughter from the Philippines.

“We’re all given much in this world and maybe sometimes we don’t really realize how blessed we are and how a just the little we do can help someone else. That’s kind of been what the ministry has always been,” said Druckenmiller. “We’re just a mom and a dad that want to make a difference somehow.

Serving as an international adoption agency, Sacred Portion has placed around 300 children, many who are Filipino, with loving families in Montana and neighboring states.

The impact of Sacred Portion could be felt outside of Montana and it’s neighboring states.

Many of the children that have gone through the program have now gone on to other places, pursuing dreams they thought they never had.

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  • Javin Anderson
    7 April 2019 at 11:47 am - Reply

    This is awesome! Not Filipino but an Indian born orphan that was adopted at 1 years old to Montana. Best childhood ever. I’ve now been in the Navy for 14 years. Let me know your next event. Would love to contribute.