On Earth Day, thousands protest Trump budget cuts to science and environmental research

NEW YORK CITY — Tens of thousands hit the streets as part of Saturday’s Earth Day celebration. Marchers amplified calls for the administration to end its skepticism about climate change and criticized cuts to programs that help the environment.

On Earth Day, tens of thousands of science advocates took to the streets, including this Filipino family of four, all marching together in the name of science.

“My husband and I are physical and occupational therapists and science is important to our professions and to the rest of the world, and we want our children to understand that public funding is needed for research in every field,” said Denyse Ignacio.

They are also protesting against President Donald Trump’s planned federal science and research budget cuts — and the administration’s skepticism about climate change.

From the EPA, to the NIH, and NASA, science and research are not priority in the Trump administration’s 2018 federal budget blueprint.

Trump’s planned cuts include: the National Institute of Health Budget by $5.8 billion dollars, the EPA by $2.6 billion dollars, NASA’s earth science budget will be cut by $200 million.

Meanwhile, under this fiscal blueprint, the Department of Defense spending will increase by 10% — or $52 billion dollars — and the Department of Homeland Security by 7%.

“That’s why it’s important to be part of this rally, just to show Trump that we’re not gonna sit by, stand still and make him do all the decisions that is not good for the country — you know, especially with EPA. The guy that heads EPA doesn’t even believe in global warming so we have to fight that,” said Cristino Abasolo.



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