On 157th birthday, Historic Filipinotown honors service and beliefs of Dr. Rizal

LOS ANGELES —  Led by the Knights of Rizal, Historic Filipinotown commemorated the birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal with an annual wreath-laying ceremony.

The 157th birth anniversary of the Philippines’ national hero comes as controversies continue, from proposed Philippine laws and initiatives to the war on drugs, and its relations with other countries.

“If Rizal was alive he would not go for injustice, like what’s happening in the Philippines where there has been 22,000 people killed without any reason, extrajudicial killing the president of the Philippines is lambasting the United Nations instead of respecting human rights,” said Art Garcia.

Garcia compared the recent ouster of Chief Justice Maria Sereno to Rizal’s trial and death.

“Just like Chief Justice Sereno, who was tried and indicted by the Supreme Court by his peers and was condemned even his motion for reconsideration was not granted which is a perfect show of injustice.”

These community leaders who keep up with Philippine issues believe in going back to Rizal’s writings and peaceful ideals.

“Rizal is an emblem. A model for especially for the Filipino youth to utilize their skills and talents for the benefit of the nation. Rizal is a peacemaker. Rizal is very courageous, and maybe a real fighter for the rights of a common person. Especially the freedom of the speech the press and the right to air
Grievance against a certain rule. That’s his great accomplishment,” says Chris Esto.

The national hero’s devotees will celebrate Rizal again in December, on the anniversary of his martyrdom. It’s another chance to remember his legacy.


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