Olympics among temptations to lure Pacquiao out of retirement

LAS VEGAS – A prize fighter emerges victorious, and naturally the next fight is already being dreamed about by pundits, fighters, fans and coaches.

“Manny has a lot left in the tank,” said Eli Seckbach of ES News. “I’d love to see him fight Amir Kahn, fight Adrien Broner, fight Terrence Crawford. He’s not retiring, he’s going to come back.”

One day into his retirement, Pacquiao said so far, he’s happily retired.

Sticking to the retirement plan may be a lot more difficult than said. In a Las Vegas media center alone there are many temptations lurking that could convince the Pacman to lace the gloves back up. The temptations include speculation of high-profile fights with Canelo Alvarez, a rematch against Floyd Mayweather or undefeated 140-pound champion Terrence Crawford.

“My favorite fight is Terrence Crawford,” said coach Freddie Roach. “Manny’s best fighting weight is 140 pounds and I think that’s a great fight for us.”

Boxing champion Terrence Crawford said “That’s just a fight that you’ve have to pay to watch.”

Pacquiao said he enjoyed his first day of retirement, greeting fans in his hotel room and hosting church services. While he’s not considering any of these potentially lucrative fights, he admits there is one fight and title he is considering–a title that he has never accomplished–the Olympics.

Several sports bodies are considering allowing professional fighters to fight in the Summer Olympics.

“It will be good if they allow other official boxers in the Olympics,” said Pacquiao. “It will be good because they allow other sports professionals, then we’ll think about it. It’s for the honor of our country, why not?”

So far without the Pacman, two Filipinos have qualified for the Sumer games in Brazil. While some professional boxing bodies have warned that they will ban pros who compete, that shouldn’t matter for the Pacman, who said he’s done as a pro for now.

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