Immigrants with pre-existing conditions express concern over possible repeal of Obamacare

As the GOP-proposed American Health Care Act moves to the Senate, the possible repeal of Obamacare is causing some major concern among immigrants — especially those with pre-existing conditions.

From ‘Obamacare’ to ‘Health-scare’, this is the sentiment of many Fil-Ams in the valley and in immigrant communities across the country, who say the passage of the american health care act in the house of representatives is creating worry, especially among those who have pre-existing conditions.

Health expert Dr. Noel Fajardo says that the AHCA takes away the even playing field that Obamacare tried to achieve with patient costs.

“The definition of pre existing condition is the medical condition that you have before obtaining the medical insurance,” said Fajardo. “With the new Affordable Care bill they are proposing, that maybe these patients with preexisting conditions will go on a high risk category… in other words, yung mga pasyenteng may mga conditions ay maaring magbayad ng mas malaki sa kanilang insurance, and this is a problem.”
The Obamacare repeal in the house of representatives is a major victory for the Trump administration, but many like Dr. Fajardo believe that if the new American Health Care act is enacted this will prohibit millions of Americans from accessing preventive care.

Fajardo adds that in 2008 many of his patients who were Obamacare recipients were enticed to go through the pre-screenings, and participate in the preventive programs that the ACA provides.

“This is not an issue that we can change positions on,” he said. “Its about how we take care of ourselves, how we take care of our kababayans.”


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  • Mario
    22 May 2017 at 11:56 pm - Reply

    Before you make comment on pre-existing conditions..WAIT until Trumpcare will be passed by the GOP majority Senate. If the cost is higher, more worse than Obamacare…. Do not vote Republican, come Nov.2018… Because of Obamacare, the Democrat lost 1000 electoral seats including HClinton Presidency..Remember “You can keep your healthcare, doctor, save 2500 a year”. The Democrat should win 25 additional Congressional seats to control the House in order to impeached Trump. Common sense; GOP can not afford to commit mistake replacing Obamacare, if they knew they will lose Nov 2018 election.