Obama to Republican critics: “Do something”

By Balitang America Staff, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

July 11, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – President Barack Obama offered a heated response Thursday to his Republican critics who want to impeach him because of the country’s border crisis.

“Sue him. Impeach him. Really? For what? You’re gonna sue me for doing my job?” the president said at an event in Texas.

As he wrapped his three-day trip to Colorado and Texas Obama hammered home his frustration with his Republican critics in Congress, particularly when it comes to addressing immigration.

The president has been slammed over the influx of tens of thousands of undocumented youth into America’s borders.

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has called for Obama’s impeachment over the border crisis.

But the president says he’s more focused on getting Congress to approve his request for $3.7 billion to secure the border, take care of these children under law, and grant more leeway in getting them sent back more quickly.

“I got a better idea – do something. If you’re mad at me for helping people on my own – let’s team up. Let’s pass some bills,” he said.

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  • libtard
    11 July 2014 at 6:47 pm - Reply

    hehehe….we dont have to do anything. there are laws already…you as the pres just have to enforce it!!!!

  • Kuya
    11 July 2014 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    Mr Barrack Osama, stop politicizing immigration problem please. We know that if you all put aside party politics, you can make a better immigration laws.

  • noz
    11 July 2014 at 7:06 pm - Reply

    what a fat liar clown obummer. there were tons of bill submitted by the elephants, just to be trashed by gambit reid. obozo and his bozos even threatened the GOP reps their initiatives bill will all be dead upon arrival on the oval office. this jerk goes around the country with millions captured audience drooling, believing his speeches of lies as black as his gums. those who are obummer slobberers will attack me as racist for their idiocy – you could be of any color to the whitest and can inherently have black gums, the elderlies lined them up as born to lie, this tale is having a life of it’s own with obozo, proven time and time again caught with his lies. on top of my head, this jester feeling like a king, spoke with world leaders at the UN – that the attacked in benghazi was due to the video, upsetting the muslims. we all know now it’s nothing but lies, a reelection cover-up, not to expose his stupidity, and pure ignorance in dealings with terrorists. how could this jackass POTUS get tractions after the public have declared him as the worst POTUS, since WW2, even taking the crown from bush 43rd, with his unrelenting bush blame game on his first term, and continue to blame bush to this day if he finds chances of holes, like an a..hole. indeed he is into his blame game of the elephant party of the minor illegal alien border crossers crisis. his lies drag on, the same way as if the 3.7billions is the magic cure to solve this border crisis. the exact opposite will be the outcome if you all believed this jackass, whose ambition is to drag the cases of these minor illegal alien border crossers. to neutralize his evil intent MSN and the lame stream medias are all into propagandas obummer have deported hundreds of illegal aliens back to guatemala. so why can’t this clown deport the rest of the tens of thousands of these minor illegal alien border crossers. the answer – this deceiver POTUS is playing game to trick, mislead the public, by enlarged are not well informed that only the POTUS can deport these illegal aliens, change the immigration laws by working with congress, but unwilling to compromise, even come to the table to deal with problems, ever since as elected POTUS. so he goes around with all his bullcraps, sadly people still continue to be fooled by this liar. obummer is a failure with his poor decisions, the aftermath of his failed policies, and lack of decisions. the USA goes down the drain to the point of no return with obozo’s failures.

  • JRB
    12 July 2014 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    Obama oh yes they we the Americans can impeach you because your not doing anything right for America but want to help the illegal people from other country? Look Obama we the Americans is #1 before any other illegal people? So get with it do the right things for America?

  • wil
    12 July 2014 at 8:54 pm - Reply

    NOZ & JRB, let’s see how the previous Presidents faired on immigration

    President Reagan – granted amnesty to 6 million illegals
    President Bush Sr. & President Clinton – did nothing
    President Bush Jr. – wanted a new immigration bill for legalization, but he ended up doing nothing.

    Now you two are blaming President Obama for the immigration mess. hmmmmm. When the last 4 Presidents all has done nothing. Oh, I’m sorry one did grant amnesty to 6 million. The truth is that no President past or future has the guts to take on that beast. They are afraid of the Hispanic vote. I would agree that President Obama’s immigration policy sucks, as did the previous 4 Presidents. So let’s be fair it aint all his fault.

    • noz
      13 July 2014 at 8:09 am - Reply

      again, get your bullcrap, folly excuses, as stand-up bleeding heart obozo hugger to yourself. you are staging moronic views of undermining this crisis as fine, that obozo must get a pass, since his predecessors have done the same thing of not enforcing the immigration laws. the only POTUS that enforced the immigration laws deporting illegal aliens were truman, hoover, and eisenhower. they were faced with similar economic nightmare of millions americans were out of work, but not the border crisis seen in this magnitude. it is not expected for you to comprehend your idol obummer’s DACA created this border crisis. obozo is the only one who can use his pen, amend the central america’s loopholes of immigration laws for speedy deportations of these illegal aliens, many of them are young gang bangers. the plan of your totem obozo to destroy america is expanding according to your wishes as one big party. did anybody warn you?, be careful what you wish for. does it really, really make you happy to target the 3 elephant ex POTUS?, it’s showing your true color of living off on other people’s cash, pro illegal alien are the accomplishments of your idol obozo. go ahead, complete the list the other accomplishments of your tricky clown, and complete the list of the other ex POTUS that did not enforce the immigration laws, start digging NOW.

      • wil
        13 July 2014 at 11:42 am - Reply

        Your moronic view astounds me. I could of thrown President Carter in with that bunch. Would that made you feel better. Like I said before, I don’t agree with President Obmama’s stance on immigration; but I do see the whole situation. Unlike you and your ignorant ranting, I look at facts. It is both the Republicans and Democrats fault for the current immigration mess. They both for the last 32+ years did nothing on immigration and neither party is willing to take on Mexico and the Hispanic vote. Do everyone a favor pull your head out of your butt, get educated and do your research. Stop reciting everyone else’s hateful ideas. I must warn you that requires you to read.

        • noz
          13 July 2014 at 3:18 pm - Reply

          your mouth is spewing gases the same exact way as the hole of your infected anus, full of hot air. YOU, the most idiot feeling smart, rallying for your king obozo, YOU, the same double face like your king idol bullshit artist, saying, “I don’t agree with President Obmama’s stance on immigration; but I do see the whole situation.” yeah, that’s your Ob(mama) alright handing you stuffs, paid for by the hardworking taxpayers for your subsistence. all you followers of this (mess)iah are hopeless illiterate with the messiest dunderhead. YOU, with peabrain cannot name the significant accomplishments of your dopey clown, cannot decipher your obozo is into blame game of others, not a problem solver oriented leader, because he was not born a leader. all obozo does are oratorical lies, expert on dirty, corrupt politics he found with illegal aliens, like finding golds, and excellent on handing down to the lazies other people’s hard earned cash. what you see with your darling obummer are sicko excuses with your stupendous comparisons to obozo’s predecessors. YOU are a dumdum, going in circle heckling along the thread with your stupidity, comparing the past POTUS actions on immigration laws, no way comparable to today’s unstoppable border CRISIS, your irresponsible, phony idol obummer cannot stop. the fact, he is DUMMY. what an a..hole you are. pack your shitty, silly, garbage yak, yak the hell out of here, you hear?, bleeding heart?. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!.

          • wil
            13 July 2014 at 3:36 pm -

            You have to get out more. Quit smoking all that crack, because you’re making no sense at all. Please try to put a complete sentence together and communicate an idea. Once again read a book, do some research on your own. You’ve yet disputed the facts. I guess you have a heard time dealing with facts. I guess in your world if someone says that they don’t agree with something, that means the opposite is true. Did you finish school? I’m not talking about Redneck U, an actual school. No-one is born a leader, they are made.

        • noz
          14 July 2014 at 2:44 pm - Reply

          YOU have no skills in writing, cannot compose correct sentences, cannot spell, cannot comprehend, cannot decipher between facts and lies, certainly an illiterate, uneducated snipping heroine. your talk of drugs and say what? my education?. you are the one who is drug addicted and unschooled, it takes one to know one, ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!. YOU are one of the many true suckers of taxpayer’s hard earned dollars, doled out by your lover boy obozo. the untaught suckers like yourself are the backers/kissers of obummer. didn’t i say to get lost with your bullcrap?, since you want to wage the fight, i will see to it you get comminute in the ground. go ahead make my day and night. i am here to get rid of you and your stupidity. RESPONSE or die.