Obama shows off talk show hosting skills at APEC talk

MANILA – Climate change isn’t exactly the sexiest topic. But when you’ve got the President of the United States, Alibaba’s chairman and a Filipina inventor making the case for a greener future, you might want to think again.

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  • noz
    18 November 2015 at 8:06 pm - Reply

    serious summit? or just fooling around with nothing but crappy talks. lets wait / see, if these talks can combat political corruptions. american politicians like obobo / his liberal party’s corruptions are played out by squandering taxpayers hard earned dollars, distributing to their created, so called poor of america, aka freeloaders, with section 08, SNAP, EBT, medicaid, free cellphone, WIC, free tuitions, free baby sitting, free cheese, etc, in return are the sure votes of the freeloaders to a socialist political party. corruption is corruption, it just comes in many ways, shapes / forms, how its done, arriving with the same results of grabbing political power using public money is too dirty.