Obama endorses Democratic Party congressional candidates, including Filipino businessman

Among those candidates highlighted by former President Barack Obama at a rally over the weekend was a Filipino American businessman running for a post in the Golden State’s Central Valley.

Obama’s appearance on Saturday is part of a number of speeches he’ll give across the country to promote Democratic candidates ahead of the November elections.

He urged the crowd of Democratic party volunteers to help flip the U.S. House of Representatives back to Democratic party control.

Obama endorsed 6 congressional candidates, including Filipino American businessman TJ Cox, who is running for a House seat in District 21 in California’s Central Valley.

Following the rally, Cox took to Twitter, saying, “I’m incredibly proud and honored to have the endorsement of President Barack Obama for our race.”

He sees the growing excitement we are building in the valley about bringing leadership, ethics, and character back to Congress.

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  • Mario
    12 September 2018 at 8:13 am - Reply

    Wash.Post reported 900 people attended the rally, but another reporter said only 750 attended.Bernie Sanders supporters have all but taken over Democrat Party in California.Trump rally, in Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, has an average of 8000-15000. The return of Obama remind voters that Trump won, because voters are tired of Obama lies.For 8 yrs of Obama, Dems lost 1,000 politician seats to GOP.Only 60 days left to Mid-term election. Dems should win 23 seats to impeach Trump. DACA, 1.6M illegal Alien Amnesty,Immigration reform,etc. will never be resolve if only 8 new GOP Senator are elected, it should be 9 or more new GOP Senator. It need 60 votes to pass a bill. Obama tried to take credit on Trump booming economy. Money buy votes, this coming election.. Trump tax cut had already given additional money into the pocket of American workers, Pelosi said it is “crumps” (bread crumps) small amount, but it is money given every month to American worker.

    • Arbi
      12 September 2018 at 9:56 am - Reply

      Please exit thru the Gift Shop. Thank You.