Obama delays plan to ease up on deportations

By Balitang America Staff, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 27, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – With the growing numbers of South American youth illegally migrating to the United States, President Barack Obama will delay his announcement of plans for more lenient deportation policies.

Senior officials familiar with the White House’ plans to introduce softer deportation rules have reportedly said that those plans will be delayed as an estimated 52,000 South American youth have illegally crossed the border since last October.

The leniency plans would have included stopping deportations of undocumented immigrants with no criminal convictions.

However, other sources from the White House say that the administration is continuing to carry out these immigration related plans as Congress has failed to take up immigration reform.

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  • JRB
    27 June 2014 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    Obama, your leniency plan shouldn’t be delayed at all. You should get all of them out America the faster the better for America. They here and we have to feed them with our hard working taxes money. Life in America is getting hard no jobs and a lot of homeless. And you have a leniency plan for people don’t belong here in America?

  • noz
    29 June 2014 at 11:46 am - Reply

    obama is the chaotic president, not doing his job of deporting illegal aliens. this out of control POTUS, couldn’t care less in your face directed to pragmatic americans, proudly, openly breaking the immigration laws, knowingly bylaw he is the only one who can deport these illegal aliens. this moronic POTUS is looking the other way, laughing his heart out, getting away with many of his impeachable actions, one of them is not doing his job of following the rule of immigration laws, to protect america and its people. obama not doing deportations swiftly is sending the wrong signal to the world – it’s okay to invade america, inviting millions of illegal aliens at the expense of income taxpayers. obummer is the destroyer of america’s sovereignty and the american people. obummer’s action of not deporting illegal aliens fast have caused financial, and social instability to border states texas, az. these states are spending their own resources with these illegal alien invaders, using obozo’s DACA as an excuse to delay deportations. this is obama’s dirtiest political gains, supported by the donkey socialist politicians, in turn securing the democrap party’s unethical power. obama’s legacy is without a doubt the lawless POTUS in american history, embracing lawlessness is his forte. case in point, the minor illegal alien border crosser’s parents are criminals with the abandonment of their children. this lawless POTUS and his democrap cohorts such as pelosi are condoning, that it’s okay to abandon children, but we all know it’s not okay in america to abandon children. just that alone, this bleeding heart, far out lefty, socialist, ideologue POTUS must ship these minor illegal alien border crossers right away, wherever they all have originated from back to their criminal parents, no ifs or buts. try leaving your own minor children alone at home, and you got reported for leaving unattended minor children, see where you all will end up, definitely you all with get permanent criminal record, plus hefty fines to hurt your pockets. obummer will go down in american history as the squanderer of taxpayers money, as the couldn’t care less, reckless spender POTUS, ever since he took the oval office. obozo and his bozos want the taxpayer’s billions to hand the billions to corrupted governments of central america, mexico to spend in stopping their own people’s illegal entry to the USA. only idiots obozo/bozos are dealings with these corrupted hispanic nations, as if like these corrupted hispanic leaders will do as what these american politician clowns have asked them to do. instead, these corrupted hispanic leaders will be laughing all the way to the banks, depositing on their own respective accounts, the american workers hard earned money. the most disgusting, nauseating, sickening insult of a POTUS to the core of the shrinking american workforce.

    • wil
      29 June 2014 at 3:10 pm - Reply

      While I don’t agree with his immigration policies, you’re only telling half the truth. Fact is that both democrats and republicans want to revamp the immigration laws. This POTUS has deported more illegals than another POTUS in history; that is another fact you neglected to mention. I truly believe that all illegals should go home and immigrate the legal way. The LAW prevents the deportation of children that are not from the bordering country and DHS/CBP has 72 hours to process those children. I will agree that we need to secure our borders, both northern and southern borders. If this POTUS has committed an impeachable offense, why hasn’t he been impeached? Another fact you fell to mention. I may not what he has done, but he hasn’t committed an impeachable offense.

      • noz
        29 June 2014 at 8:11 pm - Reply

        get your lies out of here with your grandest thinking you have the facts. i am not going to give you the facts, but here are the hints – your obummer is a chef, have cooked up, bloated the books with apprehended illegal aliens in the borders as deportees. go, do your own facts finding, you’ve been in the washer too long believing obummer is untouchable with the law of the land. corrections, it’s the USDHS/USCBP, obozo have directed these agencies to look the other way, and not to deport illegal aliens on the day SCOTUS upheld az adopted immigration laws, that alone should have called for impeachment. obozo have been instrumental in wasting taxpayers money as usual, by not overseeing the USDHS do the the jobs they were paid by the taxpayers are paying them to do – to block illegal aliens entry to safeguard the homeland, the exact opposite are happening every single day, this should have called for obummer impeachment or simply just dismantle the USDHS to save the taxpayers money since it’s all waste/ineffective. obummer is kind of lucky, with the aid of the lame stream commie medias, but one day with the struck of lightning this POTUS will run out of luck, if not, then america and americans will fry, out of luck. you’re talking about the RINO, just like cantor. the non RINO understand the immigration reform is legalizing illegalities to qualify these 11 million hiding illegal aliens to broaden the voting power of the democraps, the dirtiest modern political ploy. the intelligent immigration reform – the POTUS must be impeached, if s/he does not follow the rule of immigration law of deporting illegal aliens. industrialized, free nations are apprehending/deporting illegal aliens to protect their sovereignty, america should do the same. you are a double dealer, you are part of the dirtiest modern political ploy. get the heck out of my threading, do your own voodoo with obozo has not committed “impeachable offense”, can you comprehend?, obviously you can’t. the wickedness of obozo must be counteracted first, by well informed americans, and by an opposing true unifier leader, whoever it is. as long as the democraps are into commies, socialists, far out lefty policies, i am no fan, and if they succeed with their policies?, then welcome your descendants to the newly established, joining the rank of the third world country, or at best the same as cuba or north korea.

  • Delia
    29 June 2014 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    This intentional disaster gets worse on a daily basis. It is more than Obama could have even dreamed of. This is what you get when you have a president who has shown from his writings and his actions in office that he detests America and its promise.