Obama calls Paris attack ‘cowardly’, ‘evil’

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – President Barack Obama condemned Wednesday’s terror attack on a French satirical magazine, calling the act cowardly and evil.

At least 12 people were killed, when masked gunmen armed with AK-47s opened fire inside the Paris office of the French publication Charlie Hebdo.

Two police officers and 10 journalists were killed, and 10 other people were also injured.

The magazine has published cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad in the past.

France has raised its terror threat level and the French government has called this a terror attack.

As of our broadcast, the suspects remained on the loose.

Speaking at the White House, President Obama said the U.S. will provide any assistance to bring those responsible to justice.

“For us to see a cowardly, evil task that took place today, I think, reinforces once again why it’s so important for us to stand in solidarity with them — just as they stand in solidarity with us,” President Obama said.

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  • noz
    7 January 2015 at 5:40 pm - Reply

    thats what muslim terrorists do kill their infidel enemies off guard. for obozo to call these islamists coward makes him hypocritical, with his same off guard, behind the back of americans with his dirty trick of freeing gitmo terrorists prisoners. obozo’s motive is to reduce the number of jailed muslim terrorists will eventually qualify to close gitmo for good, since its no longer financially feasible to operate gitmo with too low number of jailed muslim terrorists. the dirty trick of obozo certainly is a cowardly act against the populous caught off guard. the cowardly obozo slowly releasing muslim terrorists, who will again commit acts of terror against americans is irresponsible. terrorists are barbaric, they are consistently regrouping, targeting americans, and other countries harboring increasing population of muslims like france, UK, etc.

  • Mario
    7 January 2015 at 11:18 pm - Reply

    KSFO-Am radio, the # 1 talk show host Michael Savage, blame Sen Dianne Feinstaine for the attack by the Jihadist in France. Last month, Democrat Sen Feinstaine exposed the CIA torture report, which force the CIA to recall and protect the identity on all their agents all over the world, who were monitoring the Jihadist.The French Intel Agency, blame their counterpart CIA for not giving advance info regarding the terrorist attack in France.CIA does not want to admit that their best agents are on the run for their safety. The Jihadist are already inside US and will strike anytime, good job Democrat because of your liberal ideas you will destroy America.

  • Delia
    8 January 2015 at 11:47 am - Reply

    There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it. Islam is in pursuit of dominance. It wishes to exact its imperialist agenda by force on a worldwide scale (8:39). Islam is an ideology without any respect for others; not for Christians, not for Jews, not for non believers and not for apostates. Islam aims to dominate, subject, kill and wage war.

    Stop all immigration from Muslim countries, ban all building of new mosques, close all Islamic schools, ban burkas and the Quran. Expel all Muslims from our country. Enough of you Muslims . But of course thats nearly impossible because we have a Muslim POTUS .

    Wasn’t enough that Obama increased student visas for Muslim students by seven hundred percent early in his first term, he also opened the flood gates to Muslim immigration, with a fast track to citizenship, far surpassing the usual limit of one million legal immigrants per year (one million, five hundred thousand in October, 2013, and that was in just ONE month) and thousands more have crossed our porous borders illegally. Now he wants to being in additional hoards of Syrian Muslims. We have strict immigration laws, when they are not being thwarted by the president. Unrestrained Muslim immigration has led to the influx of millions of Muslims. Their accelerated birth rate will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, as they have done in France and Britain, and the ever increasing demands, protests, marches and riots, via Muslims, is the direct result of this influx.

    We also have Muslims training on our Military Bases, via the United Nations, with the number constantly growing, while Obama continues to deplete American Military personnel along with our Military arsenal.

    Can you imagine what would happen if there were a well planned, coordinated effort to take over our Military Bases, especially with the “no loaded gun” regulations they now have on our bases. The prospect of their succeeding increases every day. Then there is Homeland Security to consider. I find it disturbing to see the way Homeland Security arsenal is being beefed up, along with heavy handed personnel, and that Obama refers to it as “HIS” Homeland Security. The head of the Homeland Security Council being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be overlooked, either.

    Quran Incite every crime in all forms , As I said before and saying again and again, Quran is a Terrorist Teaching Manual .

  • Delia
    9 January 2015 at 8:17 pm - Reply

    ISLAMOBAMA is all about TAQIYYA and KITMAN. The ISLAMO art of deceiving your enemy.
    Remember All the qoutes Obama Qouted in his book and on his speeches ?

    If you have never forwarded an e-mail, now is the time to do so.
    We have someone with this mentality running our GREAT nation! Keep your eye on him and don’t blink.

    I don’t care whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Conservative or a liberal, be aware of the attitude and character of this sitting President.

    I bought and read “Audacity of Hope”. It was difficult to read considering his attitude toward us and everything American. Let me add a phrase he used to describe his attitude toward whites. “He OBAMA harbors a “COIL OF RAGE”. His words not mine.

    THIS IS OUR PRESIDENT, Is anyone out there awake?

    Everyone of voting age should read these two books: Don’t buy them,
    just get them from the library. The Book is “Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams from my Father” ”
    It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.” – Barack Obama

    “From “Audacity of Hope”:”
    I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama

    #1 “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”-Barack Hussein Obama

    #2 “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”- Barack Hussein Obama

    future-must-not-belong-to-those-who-slander-prophet-islam-mohammad-barack-hussein-obama- is muslim.- Barack Hussein Obama

    #3 “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”- Barack Hussein Obama

    #4 “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”- Barack Hussein Obama

    #5 “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” Barack Hussein Obama

    #6 “Islam has always been part of America” Barack Hussein Obama

    ALL of the above was his qoutes or on speeches , now all the lies he told about him being a Christians is Bugos and TAKIYYA.