Malaysia Airlines offers $5K to Flight 17 victims’ families

By Balitang America Staff, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

July 22, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The families of passengers killed in Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 will be offered an initial $5,000 as a goodwill gesture from the airline.

In a statement, Malaysia Airlines said the payment is to ease the economic needs of the immediate families and will not affect the final compensation or the families’ legal rights to claim.

Three Filipinos and at least one American were among the 298 passengers and crew who were killed when the plane was shot down last Thursday over Eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama was at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC today to sign a condolence book for the victims of Flight 17 and to assure the Dutch government of US cooperation in the investigation.

“I extend on behalf of all the American people our deepest condolences over the loss of family and friends,” said President Obama, “to express our solidarity with the people of the Netherlands with whom we have been friends and have had deep ties with for centuries, and to ensure the Dutch people that we will work with them to make sure loved ones are recovered, and proper investigation is conducted and ultimately justice is done.”

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  • Mario
    23 July 2014 at 1:52 am - Reply

    $5000 is the initial payment to the victims, normally each passenger is insured for $150K-180K, by Llyods of London. The victims beneficiary can turn down the initial payment,as per lawyers advised and plan to sue&collect more $M later.Possible target is the Airline,it could be a Pilot error,the pilot did not follow the regular flight path,it was diverted, or they could sue Ukraine,Kiev Air Traffic Controller they diverted MH17 to the war zone, possible fighter jet were involved..Or Russia who allegedly fire the BUK missile.Separatist/Rebel will not be sued because the rebel had no money.The airline black box recorder will reveal the conversation between the Pilot and Kiev Air Traffic controller, including the diversion made by Kiev,it will also reveal if the Pilot reported the diversion to KL office. Putin wanted the German gov’t to open the block box,which is under the custody of the Brits, reason is Lloyds Bank is owned by the Brithis. So far Ukraine, Kiev Air Traffic Controller have not submitted the voice controller recorder…Western media blame Putin, but they depend only depend on social network hearsays (Facebook/twitter etc).Putin wanted to have an independent body to conduct the investigation.