Obama and Cameron partner up against ISIS

By Balitang America, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Sept. 4, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – United States President Barack Obama has teamed up with British Prime Minister David Cameron against the Islamic terror group ISIS.

They are at this week’s NATO Summit in Europe, and their goal is to rally multi-national support to battle extremists in Iraq and Syria.

Ahead of their arrival in Wales today for the start of the NATO gathering, Obama and Cameron released a joint op-ed in the Times of London saying they “would not be cowed by barbaric killers” and that they would be more forth-right in defense of their values.

The move follows the release of a video on Tuesday, showing the beheading by ISIS of another American hostage, journalist Steven Sotloff.

It’s the second ISIS execution in the past two weeks. The terror group has also threatened to execute a British hostage.

Back in the U.S., Vice President Joe Biden offered tough words for ISIS from the Obama administration.

Vice President Joe Biden called the group “barbarians” for beheading two American journalists.

“They should know we will follow them to gates of hell until they are brought to justice,” said Biden.

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  • JRB
    4 September 2014 at 9:18 pm - Reply

    It’s about time we do something about this Animals called ISIS group. We Americans should go over there to Iraq and Syria and kill all ISIS family, wifes,kids,father,mother. Kill all of them wipe them out of earth. This Animals shouldn’t be living at all. ISIS your gone we Americans coming after you all. And that go to all around the world that anyone belong to the group ISIS your dead because we will kill you all.

  • Mario
    5 September 2014 at 2:59 am - Reply

    PM Cameron knew that the #1 boys name in UK is “Mohammed” and soon the #1 boys name in California will be “Jose and Mario”.Thank you Uncle Obama, Continue your Democrat policy on open border.Your brother from Pakistan,Afganishtan,Somalia,Iraq and ISIS are crossing the borders.Good job Democrat…

  • noz
    6 September 2014 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    these two socialists from different continents are ripping what they sowed – the concept of overboard liberalism over staunch sovereignty to protect their respective citizens of open border, open arms to illegal aliens with agendas to overpower their particular nations in reshaping social cultures, traditions, economy etc. these two far out lefties were voted in power by their own ill to low informed citizenry are to blame themselves, why this part of the world is too chaotic. these illegal alien invaders are too spread out, containment is way too impossible. Mario, you sure did hit the head of the nail with your heavy hammer. the USA will either be speaking spanish as the national language – it’s payback time are the HISPANICS intent to reclaim the lands they lost during the 1898 spanish american war. unless, the chinese with the USA’s 20trillion debt by 2016 to them, now own half of the USA, either from the west to the midwest, or from the midwest down to the eastern seaboard, may insist mandarin as the USA official language. the ISLAMISTS are now blazing like fire in europe, canada, the USA under this with muslim blood denying POTUS, who consistently goes talking with his two mouths, like killing these muslims is like killing his dead father once again, and whose main political agenda is – to legalize the invader illegal aliens with all the social/economic problems america is facing all he created under his watch, along with the demonicraps party. the sinister schemes of these muslims is to kill the infidels who refused to convert, rejected to believe the SHARIA LAWS. their muslim religious teaching is nothing but terrorisms – to covert every single person in this world for their islam religion to be absolutely potent, a very toxic belief that GOD commands them – killing the infidels and killing themselves to carry out the commands of GOD are all rewarded upon their deaths. thus, with such terroristic thinking of killing, the choice of which is beheading, not valuing life as sacred, the only answer to defeat these terrorists without a country, but definitely from muslim nations is to wipe them all out. sadly, many of them are in the USA, obozo cannot even track down under his watch, the over 6000 student visa holders whereabouts from the middle east, now maybe waiting, regrouping to destroy america’s infrastructures, along with murdering thousand upon thousands people, to be much grandeur than the 09-11-01 terror attack, the anniversary is fast approaching, GOD help the USA, and us all.

    • wil
      7 September 2014 at 1:17 pm - Reply

      Noz, please do your research before you spout off ignorant stuff. Mexico did not fight us in the Spanish American War (War between Spain & US), it was the War between Mexico and the US. It was the treaty of Guadalupe that gave the US part of Arizona and the State of California. Islam is not a violent religion (I am not Muslim), no more than Catholics and Protestants are only about peace. Do I have to mention, The Spanish Inquisitions, Bombing of abort clinics, sniping of Doctors in their house, Oklahoma City bombing and Columbine shootings, just to name a few. The cold hard fact is that there are radicals in every religion. The other cold hard fact is that there hasn’t been a President in 36 years that has done anything to protect the US borders. President Reagan amnestied 6 million illegals and that got the ball rolling. There are over 20 billion Muslims in this world and you’re trying tell every one who’ll listen that they are all bad!? Hmmmmmmmm? Like I said do your research before you stick your foot in month.

      • noz
        8 September 2014 at 12:24 am - Reply

        REALLY? idiots do not know how to breakdown complex historical subjects. the mexican american war 19th century 46′ to 48′ lost almost half of their lands to USA under the command of santa ana, who also fought spain for mexico’s independence. the spanish american war objective was to hold on to their province or colonies – cuba, puerto rico, ph. historians rooted, tied the mexican american war defeat of lost lands used to be spain colony. the rest you should research yourself if you can comprehend. to this day, hispanics tend to be loyal to spain as their madre, while the ph is most loyal to USA after gaining independence.
        you are crawling like a serpent with both of you feet stuck into you huge phlegm drooling mouth. WTF, you are talking about muslim religion is not a violent religion?. sharia law is their way of life, honor killing is not a crime?, just because the word honor is inserted?. get lost with your sticky, slimy bullcrap. get your dumba$$ out of here with your foolish correlations of bombing/shooting. human behavior is divided by the thinnest hairline between bad and good, so they can go either way. it’s all human choice, be it premeditated or the spark of human emotions or mental breakdown. what made you think, not all humans can become saint?. go workout your comatose gray matter.
        how many times i said, reagan amnesty did not solve the illegal alien invasions, your lover boy obozo should learn from amnesty history. so what made you think giving amnesty to over 11 million illegal aliens of today will solve the same problem of the 80′. the economy in the 80′ was robust, the political to public resistance to amnesty were simplistic. the tallest fences in all USA borders will only partially deter illegal alien invasions. the problem is the POTUS, the only one who can enforced the immigration laws, able to get away, can refuse to implement the immigration laws is too disgraceful. only hoover, eisenhower, and truman did enforce the immigration laws of deporting illegal aliens period. we all know the problem is the POTUS, so therefore the significant immigration reform should be – the POTUS must be impeached if s/he fails to perform his/her job of deporting illegal aliens on behalf of the americans and its legal aliens, or give the power to individual states to enforce the immigration laws. i bet you, the letter of the immigration laws to the T will be enforced big time. that’s how industrialized free world nations get rid of their illegal aliens by deporting them all, no ifs or buts. so, how come america can’t do the same?. i am so tired of hearing all the crapy spinning talks of socialist morons, that the current immigration laws in the book are broken, must be reformed are their demands, to back stabs all the ill-informed americans. in simple language amnesty to illegal aliens by legalizing all their committed illegalities period. the general public couldn’t care less, especially the 92 million on welfare obozo created, so they don’t revolt on all obozo executive orders that have degraded america’s social and economic rank.