Oakland women “rise, resist, unite” after International Working Women’s Day

OAKLAND, CA — Rise, Resist, Unite was the rallying call to commemorate the 110th International Working Women’s Day anniversary, through a march in Oakland.

According to these activists — they rise to protect all women, resist economic exploitation, and unite for self-determination of all the oppressed.


“We are out here today because we know it is our immigrant women, Filipino women included, who are taking care of children, who are taking care of elders, who are cleaning homes, who are doing the invisible work to make sure everything is functioning here in the US,” said Laura
Coelho from GABRIELA. “We’re here to unite for all women’s liberation.”


Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf has been called a disgrace by President Donald Trump, for her warning that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were to begin raids in northern California two weeks ago.

Despite Schaaf’s warning — ICE agents were able to detain over 150 undocumented immigrants.

These Pinays say that just like Schaaf, they will continue to defend their communities.

“We know that the reason why immigrants are coming to the US at all, that they’re risking their lives in many cases to come to the US is because they want to put food in the mouths of their children, and to support their families so we’re here to say please continue to make Oakland a sanctuary city.”

Filipina activists here also resist what they call the sexist attitude of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.


“When Duterte makes rape jokes and anti-women comments it does perpetrate violence against women in the Philippines and also sets a tone that it’s ok to use women, exploit them, and commodify them. And we’re here to resist his macho, fascist regime,” said Irma Shauf-Bajar.

Filipinas at this march say they will continue working with other communities of color, to ensure that undocumented immigrants are aware of their rights if they are approached by ICE.


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