NYC terror attack leaves 8 dead, suspect in custody linked with ISIS

NEW YORK — It was the worst terrorist attack in New York City since 9/11.

On Tuesday, the driver of a truck plowed through a lower Manhattan street, killing 8 people and injuring at least a dozen others.

The suspect, a 29-year-old man from Uzbekistan, is in police custody, and authorities have linked him to the terror group ISIS.

The terror suspect that killed in a bike path rampage in lower Manhattan Tuesday is now talking to investigators.

The radicalized attacker, identified as Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbek, was shot by police and arrested after plowing through bikers and pedestrians on West Street, just 4 blocks away from the World Trade Center.

After slamming into the side of a school bus Saipov got out of the vehicle brandishing what turned out to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun, he yelled “Alahu akbar,” or “Allah is the greatest”… before a police officer shot him in the abdomen.

The suspect also reportedly left a note saying he carried out the attack in the name of the ISIS.
The attack happened at 3:05 pm, just when students were coming out of their classes.

“I heard the gunshots but I didn’t think they were gunshots. It’s sad, something so horrible happens so closely within a vicinity to the school,” said Sena, a New Yorker, “where kids were at the time…”

“Our classmate comes running back into the building,” said student Jordan Dattoma. “We’re supposed to be leaving and then this kid was like, go go, he has a gun, everyone go upstairs. So everyone started running…”

While schools around West St and Chambers were on lockdown for 3 hours, some students got a glimpse of the horrific scene through school windows.

17-year-old Elizabeth Chernobelsky even took some photos using her smartphone.

“I saw two body bags and several bicycles right outside of the window, I was watching at. We didn’t know if it was a terrorist attack, at first we thought it was a car accident and a shooting – two separate events.”

Meanwhile, the terror attack did not stop New Yorkers from celebrating Halloween. A million revelers joined the annual NY Halloween parade in East Village Tuesday night.

NYC officials also said that the New York City marathon — where more than 50,000 runners are expected to participate — will go on as scheduled on Sunday.

Dozens of Filipinos are also expected to participate in this annual marathon.

NYPD officials say there will be increased police presence, increased security checkpoints into the start and finish lines and along the marathon route.

Tuesday’s attack is described as the worst terror attack since 9/11, but New Yorkers say they’ll stay strong, and that their city will not be changed by acts of terrors like this one.

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