NYC protestors take the streets against Trump’s traveling ban

MANHATTAN, NY — This protest on Wednesday evening grew organically, organizers say, through social media.

It was a response to these tweets from President Donald Trump announcing a ban on transgender people from military service.

According to a 2016 Rand Corporation study commissioned by the Pentagon, up to 6,700 active-duty troops are transgender service members.

“WE do have friends who served and transitioned after they served. So this issue affect our friends, and it affects us personally being members of the LGBTQ community, but we are standing up today for our trans community to let them know that we have their backs,” said Mohammad Amin.

Very little has been revealed on how this policy will be implemented, while thousands of men and women who identify themselves as transgender and serve in the military, are left wondering what will happen.

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  • Mario
    29 July 2017 at 2:53 am - Reply

    Rand Corporation a liberal study group, that it will cost $3.7 Billion for a period of 10 years for sex change surgery in the military.How about the cost of construction for Transgender bathroom on all military camps, military buildings, facilities, PX and many more.They have to reduced one torpedo tube on all nukes submarines just to accommodate Transgender bathroom and toilet.How many Transgender toilet and bathroom to be constructed inside an AirCraft carriers, destroyers,Frigates, all military ships.How about the cost of maintenance etc. Trump made the right decision in the military. He rather spend the defense money coming from taxpayer to the readiness and morale of the military. Have you ask the cost of hormone therapy, to maintain transgender body, are they able to fight while having a hormone therapy, how about sex change surgery, Trump is a genius, if he allow this all Government offices, Schools will construct a 3rd bathroom….