NYC Filipino business owners find ways to welcome back customers with safety precautions in mind

New York City is waking up from its long nap.

The Big Apple entered phase two of its reopening this week, which included beauty salons and outdoor dining.

“We’re one of the few places in the city that have one of these permits that you can take over parking spots with so we’ve capitalized on some leniencies that the city gave us. We’re just trying to do business and give our community some semblance of normalcy,” said Jordan Andino, chef and owner of Flip Sigi.

Chef Jordan Andino told ABS CBN News the joy of seeing customers back comes with new and real responsibilities, considering America has not won the battle with the deadly coronavirus.

“You can see my staff have gloves on, they have masks on, I do as well, other than this interview and this is something that we’re taking very seriously. We don’t want to be the ones to perpetuate the spread of coronavirus, we want to be the ones who stop it. But there’s a balance of doing business, stopping it, but also trying to keep people sane mentally.”

This Fil-am owned salon also started buzzing again this week much to the delight of customers who must make an appointment first.

Gloria Cabrera has owned a beauty salon in Manhattan for over 50 years. She’s survived economic recessions and the 9/11 tragedy.

“This (pandemic) is worse. Everything’s closed down. There’s no income, no contact with clients.”

Cabrera said the months-long lockdown not only took a toll on her financially, but also emotionally.

But New York is on track to flatten the curve. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Thursday the city is poised to enter phase three of the reopening plan starting July 6th. That includes indoor dining at 50 percent capacity, nail salons and sporting activities.

It’s been a long three months for thousands of business owners here in New York City, whose livelihood was put on hold.

Now they are all just hoping that this once-epicenter of the COVID pandemic would be able to keep this virus away so they can all go one with their new normal.”

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