NYC beefs up security ahead of Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration

In just a few days, Times Square will be filled with about two million people to usher in the new year as the crystal time ball drops. The number 18 is now on display in Times Square, ready to replace the number 17 at the end of the year.

“Those big numerals are going to join the two zero on top of One Times Square to make the 2018 that lights up to greet the new year,” said Jeffrey Straus, president of Countdown Entertainment. “And what’s amazing behind me is that eight, that’s the heaviest of all of our numerals. It has 180 light bulbs in it, and it’s next to the lightest of our numerals, the numeral one which has 72 light bulbs. When they’re all together with the two zero, there’s 561 bulbs that make up the new year.”

Times Square has always been touted as the safest place to be on New Year’s Eve as the New York Police Department continued to do a great job ensuring the safety and security of the revelers.

The only difference now, after a few recent acts of terror in the Big Apple –the NYPD will be adjusting their security plans for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

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