NY Fil-Ams throw support, dollars behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign

NEW YORK – Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser for her 68th birthday over the weekend in New York and Filipino American community leaders shelled out a donation of at least $2,700 each to support their presidential bet.

The fundraiser came after what supporters described as a good week for Clinton – a positive performance at the first ever Democratic Presidential debate and an 11-hour Congressional hearing on Bengazi where she came out unscathed last week.

Clinton Supporter Edwin Josue said, “This is really a good birthday gift for her that she was able to transcend and be able to pass the fire – the baptism of fire of getting grilled again on Bengazi case.”

The Fil-Am contingent at the Clinton fundraiser was led by businesswoman and philanthropist Loida Nicolas Lewis – a staunch Hillary supporter.

Josue’s husband Jerry Sibal said, “As a Filipino American, I want inclusion. I think it’s very important we play a part, part of the society, part of the government. Maski na I have only one voice, it’s still very important.”

Many of these Fil-Am Democrats supported Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid before Obama clinched the democratic nomination.

Filipino supporters say the $4.6 million congressional Bengazi hearing did not hurt the Clinton campaign.

Napakita niya sa TV ‘no, so the people could judge and weigh things because kung hindi people, would be misled,” Sibal said. “They should not spend that kind of money.”

“She’s really presidentiable and she’s really a good debater. So we’re happy for her to really, with this 11-hour, the longest in congressional hearings, to be able to express herself and be able to showcase that she’s really suitable to become a commander-in-chief,” Said Josue.

But Republicans were not impressed with Clinton’s performance, including GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

“She’ll be the Democratic nominee, someone who comes from a political dynasty, and that in and of itself is going to bring fundraising capabilities and so forth. People may think she had a good week,” Rubio said. “I think this was the week it was proven that she lied about Benghazi.”

Media reports say Clinton raised $47.5 million for her presidential primary campaign from April to June and $28 million from July to September.

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