NutriAsia responds to ongoing strikes, boycott of products

Activists are calling in a community victory as they claim responsibility for the fact that NutriAsia stepped down as a sponsor of this past weekend’s Pistahan parade and festival due to the current labor disputes and violent dispersal of protesting workers in the Philippines.

Organizers of Pistahan respected the move from NutriAsia.

Despite the drop of sponsorship — Pinoy activists continued to raise awareness by protesting the brand at Pistahan.

“We’ve been passing out flyers, telling people to boycott, telling people they can donate. And a lot of people have actually been very, very receptive, so that even though these brands are ones that Filipinos love to use in their cooking, they will also stand with the workers if they know what’s going on,” said Adrian Bonifacio.

Activists here say that the boycott is working. But on August 13th NutriAsia posted on their website “Correcting Falsehoods,” listing 10 items that countered the claim of the activists.

Most notable items include that the strikers are not NutriAsia employees, but rather belong to B-mirk which is a certified packing group by the Philippine government.

The workers reportedly receive the legal minimum wage, and the strikers and their supporters initiated the violence.

But activists say NutriAsia’s response is a lie and distraction to cover up their labor violations and to save face following the violent dispersal.

They add that the boycott will continue, until all charges are dropped and the workers receive fair wages and benefits.

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