Now over one month old, partial government shutdown affects federal thousands on furlough

WASHINGTON DC — Across America, in small towns and big cities, hundreds have been turning up in job fairs, and many more in food banks.

Some made time to voice out their frustrations in groups, or alone just with a sign.

The partial government shutdown — which has been affecting more than just the 800,000 federal employees on furlough, or working without pay — has now lasted more than thirty days.

Some lines at airport security checkpoints have been shut down because of staffing issues.

Many TSA workers who aren’t getting paychecks aren’t showing up to work.

About 42,000 Coast Guard members continue to work without pay because the Coast Guard is the only military branch that is part of homeland security. They are pleading with lawmakers to end the stalemate.

Mario Sengco, who works as a physical scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency, has been on furlough since the shutdown began on December 22nd.

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