Nonito Donaire opens up fusion restaurant in trendy San Diego neighborhood

SAN DIEGO, CA — Breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions — the “Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire Jr. is now flash frying his way into the restaurant business, opening Dominic’s Table in San Diego’s upscale La Jolla Village.

“We ventured into something that’s fulfilling in terms of love, in terms of connections in terms of how people are and just the comfort and how my kids they love it. Just the overall things have been tremendous.”

“Who doesn’t like to eat?” said his wife, Rachel. “We have to nourish ourselves; all of us have different tastes in food and that’s what Dominic’s Table does in this community. It’s a fusion of a lot of different backgrounds. And the head chef has his own flair.”

The restaurant, which serves up an international menu from pizza to sushi, fusion foods and a full bar was started by renowned Chef Dominic Tedesco, who has served up celebrities from Las Vegas to Hollywood.

For the Donaires, who have made frequent family vacations to San Diego, they enjoy their role as partners.

“The community is great. It’s very refreshing. It’s reviving. The ocean is a calming and healing entity; I think in this kind of environment this style of restaurant which is family oriented will really thrive in this community,” said Rachel. “There’s some pork on the menu, some pizza for the kids… you’re just going to have to come in and figure out what Nonito’s knockout dish is.

While the seven-time world boxing champion has been keeping busy with businesses, he’s not yet planning on hanging up the gloves.

Donaire had his fifth career loss last April, via unanimous decision to Carl Frampton in Ireland. He’s now planning on moving down a weight class.

“It’s discipline and at the same time enjoying every moment that I have to spending time with friends and family, and when it’s time to work it’s time to work. I’ve never had a problem with weight. I’m actually quite excited to go down in weight.”

Donaire recently announced that he will be back in the ring this fall for the world boxing super series tournament.


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