Boxing news: No Pacquaio fight for April; Magdaleno-Donaire rematch snubbed

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News


MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — April 22nd in Carson, California was originally supposed to be the weekend boxer-Philippine senator Manny Pacquiao make his return to the ring. However, Bob Arum says there may be a change of plans.

A few weeks ago, Manny Pacquiao and Amir Kahn announced they would fight in the United Arab Emirates.

However, Top Rank’s big boss, Bob Arum, told reporters that the deal was dead.

Arum says the supposed $38 million pot dangled by an investment group to both Pacquiao and Khan did not materialize.

“That’s out. Michael Koncz is flying over to the Philippines and is meeting with Manny,” Arum said.

He now says Top Rank will look for a new opponent for the Pac Man, who will defend his WBO Welterweight Belt.

That fight, according to Mr. Arum, could happen in June or July.

Meanwhile, the last time the boxing world saw Jessie Magdaleno — he dethroned the “Filipino Flash” Nonito Donaire Junior for the WBO World Championship last November.

At the time, he was open to a rematch. However, his mind has changed.

While he declined the rematch, Magdaleno and Donaire traded punches on Instagram two weeks ago, after the Filipino “Flash” Donaire announced that Magdaleno declined the rematch.

“I don’t think I have to cater to him right now. He’s not world champion no more. I am; I get to call my shots. I get to call what I feel is best for me. And what I feel is doing what I’m doing now,” Magdaleno told BA. “Getting my feet wet again and putting on a great show for the fight fans.”

The undefeated Magdaleno announced his title defense at Carson’s StubHub Center on April 22nd against 25-year-old Brazilian, Adeilson Dos Anos — who has an 18-2 record, and little experience outside of his native Brazil.

“It’s what my team chose and what they thought was comfortable. I’m not the only fighter who does it. Donaire’s done it. He’s fought a guy that was like, ranked hundred something,” Magdaleno said. “It’s part of boxing it’s what we’re about. We come here we do our job.”

“If you’ve never laced a pair of gloves on or been in the ring with tough opponents, you won’t know what it feels like to come back to ring after a big fight, and have another big fight like that. You have to take your time…”

“Down the road we could rematch with Nonito,” commented Arum. “That’s a possibility…He said he’d rather fight somebody else for the first defense.”

While Arum pushes his trio of Mexican boxing champions, he says he has no current plans for the Filipino Flash Donaire.

“I told Nonito that he’s talking to people in the Philippines as far as his next fight is concerned, so we’ve given him permission to do that,” said Arum.


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