NJ state troopers help deliver Pinoy baby on the side of a highway

Earlier this morning, two New Jersey state police troopers helped deliver a Filipino baby on the side of highway.

At about 8 am, Cecelia Ingles was in labor and being driven to the hospital by her husband, Lou.

But her baby was ready to come out. So Lou had to stop on the shoulder of southbound Interstate 287 at Milepost 14, in Bridgewater.

This caught the attention of state troopers Tony Lee and Luis Valle, who they immediately assisted with the delivery of a baby boy, who is named Mateo.

When the paramedics arrived — they did not have a clamp, so baby Mateo’s umbilical cord could be cut. Trooper Lee thought fast and improvised, using a phone charger to tie off the cord so that it could be cut.


Cecelia and baby Mateo, who weighs in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces, are now in stable condition at St. Peter’s University hospital in New Brunswick.



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