NJ foodies gather to taste finest in Filipino cuisine

By Lenn Almadin Thornhill, ABS-CBN North America Bureau


JERSEY CITY, NJ – They came for the food and drinks, for the art displays and even for some dancing. They came for “Tipanan”, a food tasting event put together by the Philippine American Friendship Committee held at the NJCU School of Business building in downtown Jersey City. 


Guest Jundee Chuayana said,  “There is Visayan word ‘tipunan’. It’s almost the same thing as ‘tipanan’. It’s a gathering of different food, different culture.”


“It’s basically introducing our culture to other people,” remarked another guest, Ryan Liwanag.


Anthony Romano, Hudson County Freeholder expressed, “It’s a nice event to get to taste some of the fine food from the Philippines, such as dinuguan, lumpia adobo.”


Organizers said their goal was to feature young, up and coming chefs from New Jersey like Froilan Sarenas, Ryan Postadan, Mia Lontoc, and Atlas Amante who made spicy adobo and beef steak.


Brian Wexler said it was his first time eating Filipino food.  He described what he had, “It seems to be some sort of beef, I think.  Really good.  And some nice carmelized onions inside some little bun. It’s really tasty.”


This was the first food tasting event in New Jersey featuring young Filipino American talents.  That’s why these women from Connecticut said they didn’t mind driving for two hours just to be there.


“Change is better if there’s creativity and originality in the food,” concluded Elsa Mole Lambert.

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