Nietes and Viloria hold joint media day during their joint camp

Two Filipino world champions are joining forces to prepare for one championship night.

Donnie Nietes, the Philippines’s longest running world champion, and 4-time world champion Brian Viloria, put on their media workout for their upcoming Superfly 2-card.

Nietes defends his IBF Flyweight belt against former Champion Juan Carlos Reveco of Argentina, while Viloria fights undefeated Ukranian Artem Dalakian for the vacant WBA flyweight title.

They both showed the media that even the little guys can pack a big punch.

“It’s always great I’ve done it in the past with Donaire with Pacquiao, it’s always great to have that camaraderie and have that Filipino fans and the nation rooting behind you, especially with a card like this and the world title fights; it’s a great feeling,” said Viloria.

The two have been holding training camp together at the Wild Card Gym, sparring against each other.

“Malaking opportunity sa Amin mag boxer ng Pinoy kasi ditto din nag ta train si Manny at tsaka kami Pinoy nag susunod sa kanya so marami malting pasalamat sa amin na bigyan kami ng pakatoon na training sa Wild Card,” said Nietes.

“It’s been an honor working with Donnie. I learn a lot just working with him, given at this stage 17-years, you don’t think you have a lot to learn left — but when you work with world champions, you work with guys like Donnie,” said Viloria. “There is still a lot more to learn.”

For the 37-year-old Hawaiian Punch, this fight is one more chance to prove that he still has what it takes to be a World Champion.

“I feel most alive when I’m in the ring and when you feel that way, it doesn’t feel like work. thats part of your life and when you have that in your pocket you don’t think about how long you’ve been doing it or how long I got left, you just try to take in every moment and every step of the way and just try to enjoy it as much as I can.”

For Nietes, who’s been world champion for 11-years, the HBO-televised Superfly card is a chance for him to showcase his skills to a wider audience.

“Masaya Masaya casi siempre first time ko in layaban digo sa US na all over the world Malaga make pay kita Malaga na lahat ng tao.”

The Hawaii born-los Angeles based Viloria has enjoyed nearly a quarter of his 45 pro fights in California.

For Nietes, this will mark his third US fight.

However, this will be the first time both of these Filipino flyweights will fight in LA’s fabulous Forum.

From Donnie’s historic title run to Brian’s long productive career, both fighters attribute their long-standing success to not just what they do in the boxing gym, but also the positive disciplined healthy lifestyles they live outside the ring.

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