Nico Santos on telling an undocumented immigrant detainee story on NBC’s “Superstore”

NBC’s “Superstore” is coming back for its fifth season this month.

Last May, the popular NBC comedy series aired its season four finale with an emotional ending.

Mateo, the show’s Filipino character played by Nico Santos, was detained by immigration officials because of his undocumented status.

“Mateo is back. Fans, don’t worry, he’s back. So we’re going to be dealing with him trying to stay within the world of cloud 9 and within the country as well,” says Santos.

The actors said they all burst into tears when they read the scripts together even before shooting the episode.

Praised by critics as one of the funniest shows on air, “Superstore” also stands out for its diverse cast which mirrors America today, something that is very much appreciated by its actors.

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